Film #40: Hook

Well tonight was the final night of my challenge to myself to watch 40 films in 40 nights. I have to say..that was WAY longer than I anticipated. Of course, I knew it was going to be 40 days, thats not what I meant. It felt much longer for some reason than just 40 days, and I have to say that a lot has happened in those 40 days.

I was just recently asked what my favorite film from the challenge was. Which one stood out above the rest? I didn’t know how to answer him. I was never very good at trying to think about my favorite film. It wasn’t until about a year ago that I came up with The Indiana Jones Series, Jurassic Park, and Hook, as my favorite films. “Why those Eric? Those aren’t  exactly the ‘best’ movies of all time…” Well reader, thats very observant. However, I chose those films for nostalgic purposes. I chose those films for the way that they make me feel. They stir within me something magical, and new again. Transport me to a time when I had never seen a dinosaur on screen, or a pirate ship come to life, or a chase scene through a desert. They have the ability to make me feel like a kid again, like I am right back at my home on 1872 Lisson Rd, Naperville, IL, 60565, (630) 961-2637…yep, it’s amazing what you can remember when given the proper stimulus.

Tonight I watched Hook, one of those very movies I was talking about above. Hook somehow has the ability to transform the viewer into a specific state of viewing. Blame it on the “Pirates vs. Lostboys” theme, or the “Never-Never Land” concept, but this film has a way of making you wish you were a kid once more, never to grow up and do grown-up things. It is a major theme throughout the movie, and it truly permeates into the viewer. I love the set design in this film and TOTALLY wanted to be a “Lostboy” when I was growing up. No Question. Additionally, the “pirate ship dock area” was incredibly designed and meticulously perfected to look incredible. I loved the alternative take on the entire Peter Pan story, and the casting for this film was absolutely perfect. Is it a coincidence that all three films were directed by my favorite director Steven Spielberg? Actually, yes, haha.

I could not have asked to end this challenge on a higher note, and I loved every second of it. I urge you to try one of your own, but I warn you to shoot for a…less ambitious goal than 40, ha.

2 thoughts on “Film #40: Hook

  1. Sharon Peterson

    I enjoyed your reading your reviews, Eric! You certainly are a great writer! You know how to draw the reader into your writing which is what makes writers great!

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