The “Explained” Posts

Here you will find a list of posts I call, the “Explained” posts. Here I inform you on a range of things that I found interesting at one point in time. Enjoy.


Thanksgiving Day Explained


President Donald J. Trump Explained

The Rise of the “New Normal,” Christianity Explained


Advent Season Explained

Where is God in Senseless Death? Explained


Trust Explained


Chicago- Murder Capital U.S.A: What I learned about my City

St. Patricks Day Explained

Waitangi Day/Treaty Explained


Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Explained

Headaches Explained and How To Fix Them


Prison Break Explained: A Full Summary and Integrated Review (Top Post: over 50,000 views)

KONY 2012 Explained: An Unbiased Summary

The Id, The Ego, & The Superego Explained

Wind Explained: The story you never knew.


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