The Broadtrip

The start of this BROadtrip was epically awesome. I will have pictures to back, but for now you will just have the imaginative words of my mouth for imagery. Boom.

So Dan and Tyler came and picked Corbin and myself up at my residence and on we went. It. Was. On. The highway was our…highway. Much tune-age was in progress and AWESOMENESS insued.

When we passed over the Mississippi River, we stopped and checked out the Riverside. Well. It was as boring as you might have thought, ha. There was a giant propeller, like on the big River Boats….that was about it.

We got back on the road and played a game where we stuck our heads out of the car for 5 miles. Just a heads up, awesome game.

Iowa is turning out to be a very, well, surprisingly “not boring” state. I totally thought it was going to be a “Nebraska” of roadtrips. Not the case, more of an…Iowa. Yeah.

So we mapped out a Motel 6 with an indoor pool but no breakfast. Yeah, we passed by it. Fail. So instead of going back, we just kept going and tried to find another place to stay. Turns out we hit jackpot with a hole called, “Rodeside Inn” that is the same price as Motel 6, only it has a breakfast. And it was around EVERYTHING. Yeah, we rock.

So now I’m off to eat that breakfast and rock it out until I burst, so we dont have to stop and fill up on eats. Mmmmm. Peace yall.

August = The End?

Since When did the Beginning of August mean that it’s the End of Summer? You getting that feeling too? Man, it’s like everything that I wanted to do never was accomplished? [sniff, sniff] It’s like Jan1 all over again…[tear] Just kidding though. I got a lot done this summer, and so did God. Man that few months was rough. I almost turned away at one point. But He carried me out and provided me what I needed. He never left, like I somehow always knew.

STILL, I would have liked to read more, ran more, biked more, saw more friends, worked more, blah Blah BLAH. Summer motivation is sick and not getting much better, ha. Still, I am ready to get my internship going and my life on track. I am still not sure if I want life to begin, but I know God will be there and so will my outstanding friends. They are so righteous! I love them so much. One came to the U.S., one came from OH, MI, IN, etc. They are the best.

Still I have the most amazing times ahead of me, and I can’t wait. This is what makes my summer GOLD. In a few days, my buddy that I counseled with at SpringHill Camps is coming out and I could be more SIKED!! I haven’t seen him in over a couple years. Then it’s off to MI or Michigan with my best friend for 7 days of doing whatever we want at a Cabin…Then it’s over a week traveling to Colorado for a wedding with some of the best guys I have ever known: My flatmates from Calvin College. Right after the wedding is over, we roadtrip it back to IL where I get ready for my senior year at Aurora University…the next day, ha.

This summer has been more than I could imagine. More has gone on in it than I could possibly put into a self-aware blog. These are some words that sum summer up chronologically: disappointment, excitement, relief, relax, laptop, anticipation, motivation, bored, fun, work, money, aches, rest, camping, water, pain, healing, celebrations, trains, thoughts, revelations, and writing and church throughout. It’s not over yet. Do life people. Peace.