For those of you who thought I was using the colloquial term “IM SO DEAD” or thought I was writing from the grave…..well, you’re both wrong.

Many people thought I was dead today. I’m not. far from it. I guess this is what happens to you when you are without conversation, or step out of facebook for 3 days. Huh, interesting….

Well, THIS is the story….
Sunday I was writing papers until the great sun itself told me, “Hey stupid, its the next day.” So I was like, “snap, this is early.” So what did I do?…I watched infomercials until 6:50, when I go to class…yeah. LIVING HELL. seriously. If you wanna know about Orek vacuum cleaners or the infamous Shake Weight, I’m your guy. ANYWAY. So I go to class after not going to bed, doze off once or twice and definitely legitimately fell asleep about twice…with dreams….but only for like 90 seconds tops. Then I get home at 4pm…go to my bed….plop on, clothes and everything. Then I wake up at 5:43 IN THE MORNING. I’m like…”This has got to be a joke.” Nope, no joke. And whats worse, is I felt like I could have gone till like 12pm. WHAT A BUM….yeah, I’ll take that. I was. ANYWAY. Then I get a call from my boss to come and work, so I do. I go refinish a basement and come home at 5:30 PM. So yeah, that brings me to now. So, sorry to all who thought I was dead…to my family, I was. They just left me in my room…they knew I needed the sleep. I love my family.

By the way, if you haven’t already, go see the amazing video done by the lovely students at Calvin College. It is AMAZING. can’t say enough about it. And thanks Calvin for getting So Much Love by: Rocket Summer stuck in my head for the 13 hours I was sleeping and the 12 hours I was working. It was a delight and an annoyance…funny how that worked.

Love you all, seriously, I do. Peace and enjoy the amazing day.

Prayers always.



This video is a LipDub video. An extremely hard, continuous shot, sing-along, phenomenon that has been traveling all over universities across the country. The Video consists of MANY people, all singing, dancing, and moving along, to the beat and SYNC of the song. Each person involved has about 2-5 seconds of screen time, so it is pretty “rapid-fire” pace.

So that’s a lipdub UNIVERSITY EDITION.

Here are some lipdub’s done by some universities:
Boston University:

Well, that brings me to the masterpiece that is LipDub CALVIN COLLEGE. I cannot say enough about this video. As I have said before, I have seen other LipDub videos, from other universities, and I’m sorry, but they have nothing on this video. The vocals are PERFECTLY synced in time, the ideas for different scenes are creative and funny, and the song is perfect. It is Beyond Amazing and I Loved every second of it.
This makes me proud to have gone to Calvin College. An amazing job done by everyone involved.

And without further adu, LipDub CALVIN COLLEGE EDITION:

Hey everyone, I’m updating you.

Hey everyone. So, as many of you probably know, I have started another blog based on a movement that I feel can seriously take effect in the hearts of believers everywhere. It is the concept of Uniting for Love. You have most likely read my post on this already, but if you haven’t, here you go.

I will still be posting on this blog, but as of now, I am doing many papers and have little time for anything. This semester is very important to me and trust me, I would much rather be frolicking in the sun-lit fields, playing tag with woodland animals right now rather than writing these papers, but this is the reality. I’ll be back on Sunday…count on it. Alright. Peace everyone, love you all.

Prayer always.


UNITE FOR LOVE. bring it.

Today in small group, we talked about our country. We talked about how the country was founded and the historical revisionism that plagues our conversation even today. People want the public to believe that our founders were atheists. They want you to believe that religion and morality had nothing to do with our past or how things were run. They would like you to believe that some of the highest ivy league colleges in the country like Harvard, Columbia and Princeton were not founded on faith. The wave of New Atheism strives to actively suppress the belief in a God or that Jesus was the Son of Man. They believe that children shouldn’t even be exposed to this by their parents.

My question is this. When did people assume that to be a Christian you had to be submissive and OKAY with people walking all over you? I’m serious. Do you see it? Happening in our streets, on our talk shows, in our bookstores.

The problem is this. If we as believers are to rise up and take back what we believe, it is about being united. Breast Cancer. One issue. Easy to unite under. MANY women are affected by this or know someone who has had it. A single issue is 100 times easier to unite under than a complicated one. Just TRY and think about all the different believers coming together for one cause………..Chaos. Not only do most believers believe different things, but they also are under different denominations and HOLD to it tightly. We focus so hard on the things that make us different, that we forget about the things that make us the same. Let me say that again. We focus SO HARD on the things that make us different, that we forget about the things that make us the same.

Can all believers unite under Love? A massive Love movement spreading across this country that makes the hardest Cynic do a double take. They will know us by our Love. I believe that. John 15:12-13 Love each other as I have loved you. Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends. Make it simple people. Make it about Love. For God so LOVED this world. Common people. Unite under a simple issue and lets become united to bring Jesus to hurting people. Don’t bring in robes, don’t bring in your rituals. Don’t bring in your thee’s, thou’s, or thine’s. Your his, hers, or mine’s. Don’t bring your tedious, picky or strenuous doctrine. LOVE. I’m not sayin’ all we need is Love, but it’s a start.

UNITE FOR LOVE. bring it.

Prayers always.