Death to the Pear

Today was a good day. Today was filled with passion, filled with a Love reaction, coupled with a strange attraction to this satisfaction with Idols. They’re in our lives and we don’t know they’re there, unaware of the disgusting affair, between God and a Pear? Sounds stupid, but I swear, we’d place the Pear above God, just like we do with an iPod, or maybe you’re loving that new hotrod. Whatever the case, it’s a disgrace, flat out. It’s time to chase, the only one who can give us space between those things in our lives that try to replace the face of God, the one who can erase EVERYTHING you’ve done, it’s time to embrace the Holy one. He gives grace to you, His son. daughter, sister, mother, father, brother, there is no other. So lay down what you put before God and kill once and for all, this ridiculous facade.

Clean Car, White as Snow [2.14.2010]

Today, I was looking at my car as I got into it and I said, “Oh my Gosh. It’s time for you to get cleaned…seriously.” So I took my car to the Car Wash, paid the lady, drove up to the line, entered my code, and put my car in Neutral. Then I flipped on my tunes to Church Music by: David Crowder–song, “How He Loves Us.” As my car began to stroll into the Car wash, I began to hear the lyrics of the song, and think about the filth on my car being washed away.

I began to think to myself…this is what forgiveness is. It is as easy and as fast as getting a wash for your car. Now when I say that my car was filthy, I mean, I couldn’t see out the windows. Yeah. So as the windows began to clear away, and I pulled out of the car wash………and I was able to see out of the windows, and it was SO CLEAR, and the lyrics, “Oh, how he loves us, how he loves us…oh.—I began to weep. I pulled the car over and just let the song and holy spirit take over me. I began to cry out to God, “THANK YOU GOD! YOU LOVE ME!! YOU DIED FOR ME!” And friends…it was easily the most enjoyable experience I have had in months.

Thank God for His love for you today. In a day where love means chocolate and hallmark cards…make it about Jesus.

X’s & O’s [2.14.2010]

This post is about Love. The problem becomes bigger when what you know to be Love has been shaped or even warped by something that you went through. So I could go into the lovely sides of love and drip it with X’s, and O’s, Hearts and Chocolate, Diamonds and Gifts, Teddy Bears and Hallmark Cards…but does any of that last?

In the end, don’t we want a love that will last? With Divorce being so HUGE today…aren’t we sick of the temporary? Have we had enough?

Most of you already know that there is a love offered to you, for free, but if you didn’t…it’s true, and it’s long lasting. This love will never toss you aside, like you will when that card is thrown away. This love will not hinge on buying things, like that diamond necklace would. This love will cannot be quenched, this love brings a high that cannot be brought down, this love is more comforting, more exciting, more blissful, more enticing, more dependent, more inviting, more trustful, it’s worth fighting!

This love is not something you have to earn. You don’t have to get all dressed up and look nice, you come as you are. You don’t have to act different, you come as you are. No need to feel guilty, ashamed or regretful, This love heals all wounds, it allows you to start over.

This love is found in only one place. Jesus. Our love is fragile, temporary, and imperfect. His love…lasts forever. And he want to share that love with you. WITH ALL HIS HEART, he wants to share that with you. It is my mission that you know that about Him. Read Luke, in the Bible, to know JUST what he did for us….because he loves us. If you want to know anymore about THIS love, contact me @

Many celebrate this upcoming Holiday as a Hallmark Special. I say we turn it around. I say we take this day, Feb. 14th, and think on how MUCH he loves us. Ideally, we should be doing this everyday, and we think about it most on Easter and Christmas. But I feel like adding another day for all of us to think about it. Much Love this Feb 14th, and let’s thank God, for the Love he gives. Amen?

Eric Peterson