More like a journal than anything

I am noticing that most of my day includes wishing that I was doing something. I am learning to appreciate the people around me who are contributing to society. It is not that I don’t like to work, because work is one of the things that I do well. I am doing odd jobs as of now to make money, but life is more than this and it’s the quest that we all have to journey on. 

What drives you? Ask that. What makes you tick. I venture that if you don’t want to get out of bed every morning to do it, you aren’t doing what you love. There are people out there who are called to do what God tells them, and I as well feel that we should always ask the Father what he wants us to do. I am not saying that you all are going to be happy 100% of the time in what you do. What I am saying is that we should be happy in what God calls us to do. The Almighty God called us to go and do something. This is the same guy who died so that we could live. It would be my service to my friend if he died for me, to carry out his final wish. 
I ask that we do this for the Man who gave it all. God has gifted me in a specific area of my life and I have noticed that I have an ability to do this well. It pleases me to be using my gift in order to bring about a better world for us all to live in. If I can change someone’s life and help them find happiness in Christ, may Christ be glorified. God is my life, he is my fuel and may people see that life without Christ is unpleasantly unfulfilled and much different than with Him. 
To realize this through my boring, dull day today has been quite the blessing. Thank God for……….God.


Life in the dull seems to scrap on by without a care to bring itself back into normalcy. It is almost a prison, self-inflicted and self-created. I sometimes wonder why I don’t move. I sometimes wonder why I don’t shift out. Then in the normal discourse of the mind, it travels around and around until I force myself to start the day and fall into production. To be idle is to be nothing. I think upon this. I think upon being idle and not using what God has given me. Wasting away would be a grave disservice to His name. I get up. I gain energy. I walk.