40 Films and 40 Nights

Hello readers. I apologize for the lack of post as of late, but times have been very good in the GR (Grand Rapids, MI). Moving into our new place and making this house the coolest house I think I’ve had the pleasure to live in has been quite the blast. Something about this city is magnetized and keeps bringing me here over and over again; ever finding new ways for me to love it. Also things at the pizza delivery job have been busy. This is good and I am so very blessed to have been given employment.

I am Happy to say that this post that you are reading is my 200th post on this blog! I recently was looking back on some of the posts that I have written. I am always taken off guard when realizing how far I have come not only in my writing ability, but in my style of writing. I couldn’t be more happy with this hobby of mine that has truly turned into a medium for which I can make people laugh, think, and reflect on the things of the world. This is important and sets us apart from less complex creation.

Further more, I have decided to start something interesting. Everyday of the week I will pretty much never start work before 4pm due to my driving schedule for Village Inn Pizza. I have quite a bit of free time to fill with errands, projects, writing, reading, or something else I can’t think of right now, haha. Well, my roommate has an entire hard drive FULL of various movies from various genres. The list of films is VERY extensive. The other day, I went through the list and wrote down the movies I wanted to see…and that got me thinking about a segment I could do for the blog.

I have decided to watch 40 films in 40 days. The films will be from nearly every single genre possible and I will try to write a blog about each film that I see after I see it. For those of you who think I’m wasting my time, I’m not. At most I am taking two and a half hours out of my day. The rest of the day is spent doing errands, cleaning, and literally waiting for work while the guys I live with are at work. Only one of my roommates work from home, so things around the house are kinda….quiet. This is gonna be fun!

Here is the complete list of movies I will write about:

1. Clear and Present Danger 2. G.I. JOE: The Rise of Cobra 3. Air Force One 4. How to Train Your Dragon 5. Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom 6. The Spirit 7. The Hunt for Red October 8. Iron Man 2 9. The Blade Trilogy 10. The Art of Flight 11. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World 12. Avatar 13. Definitely Maybe 14. War of the Arrows 15. The Green Lantern 16. 12 Monkeys 17. The Dark Knight 18. Whip It 19. The Count of Monte Cristo 20. Chronicle 21. Wrath of the Titans 22. The Terminal 23. The Dark Knight Rises 24. Serenity 25. The Last of the Mohicans 26. Winters Bone 27. A Knights Tale 28. The Descendants 29. Zombieland 30. The Adventures of Tin Tin 31. The Game 32. Good Will Hunting 33. Ip Man 34. Thor 35. Ratatouille 36. Heavy Weights 37. Conan: The Barbarian 38. The Cider House Rules 39. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring 40. Hook

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