Make it Different

So this year, I spent much time on telling people about Christmas and how this year, they should think about investing with each other and spreading it around. I meant every word of it. I really think that this is a unique opportunity to act on our faith in a very specific time in our country. too much bad is happening, or being highlighted in the news. It’s about time that some good is spread to those you love and especially to those you don’t. Christ knew the meaning of loving, caring and forgiving those who didn’t like him.

I’m not about to say something like, “This Christmas, don’t give presents, but give each other.” Even though there is some light in that. No. Give presents. Show love to one another by giving. BUT, do not limit giving to those that are in your immediate family. Give outside your social bubble. Branch outside the walls of your comfort and really test your ability to spread love to those who need it. This year, give till it hurts.

I hope that you all enjoy spending Christmas with those that you love, those that you invest in, and those that you are devoted to in life. Make this Christmas different than the last. Make it His. Love you all, and peace.


FAT…otherwise known as “Insulation.”

Alright gents, lets get something straight here. Letting yourself go during the winter months is not a problem. Who ever said it was?! They did not have a working brain and therefore were a cucumber.

Here’s the thing. Since when did it take 3 years and a blood thirsty devotion to marathons to loose a few pounds? Adding a little poundage when it’s cold is not bad. Animals do it. According to New World Encyclopedia, “The consumption of fats in the diet requires personal responsibility and discipline.” I tell you what. I got the discipline to kill a bull…or a cow. They taste better. Actually, scratch that. A Buffalo. Have you ever had a buffalo burger?!?! It’s like God made a cow and was like, “OH SNAP, I forgot about the buffalo!? SHAZAM! And so the buffalo tasted better than a cow.

Enough with the slim talk. Yeah. I have gained a few 10 pounds. This is non-sense for me to feel bad about. It’s non-sense for women to feel bad about too…..but I’m talking to men, sorry women.

Now for some facts: Fat cushions organs against shock, fat helps maintain body temperature, fat insulates against the COLD, fat is needed to be digested (eaten) in order to produce much needed linoleate and linolenate. OKAY! Let’s slow this last one down. GOD knew that you needed fat on your bones to live. These necessary fatty acids (linoleate and linolenate) cannot be created internally by your body. YOU NEED FAT.

So the next time someone asks you, “What’s this?? [points to belly]” (I explain to her without hesitation, then she says,) “What?! no, no, no, you can’t “let go”, you don’t have a girlfriend yet!” (Honest to God, this was conversation happened on Sunday–not to mention all things wrong with this comment…), you tell her what I told you men of the monosaturated fats. Stand tall and eat, at the end of this year.

But after the cold wears off, go run some of that off. I’m not saying keep it around like this guy.

its almost over…

it’s almost over. it’s almost over. it’s almost over. it’s almost over.

Maybe if I click my heels, it will happen sooner.

Alright, who is still in school or schooling? Who has kid or kids? Who has a demanding job or a damning job? WHOS READY FOR A BREAK!!! For most of you, the holidays are coming up, a time when classes are over, kids run wild unattended with family, and jobs halt for Christmas.

To say the least…..I am ready. Ready for the surge of friends, free time, and giving–weddings, parties, and feasts–loved ones, warm fires, and snow. It’s a special time.

I feel that the break should be longer, and it’s not a selfish reason either. I want more time to spend loving, caring, giving, and talking. I don’t need 4 weeks to lounge, sleep, eat, and party. That kind of fun only needs about 2 weeks, but I feel that an extra 2-3 weeks would be so great to just spend time with one another and give, love, laugh.

On one side, it’s almost over, on the other side it’s sometimes hard to let go. after schooling for so long, it takes a while to stop thinking that something is due. This year will be different. I have been systematically caring less, without sacrificing productivity. HOW?! Don’t ask, it just happened. This year, I will kick back, get some things done that have been put off, go to some weddings, have some parties, and remember Christ.

This year has been UP and DOWN, but one thing has remained constant. Blessing. Christ looked over me this year and gave me things I don’t deserve. I still need to focus on the future and all it holds for me, but to look back at all that has happened, kinda brings me to my knees in thanks. So thanks God. And THANKS YOU! You all have been crazy awesome. Reading my writings and commenting. I’m not in this for the attention or the praise. No. If it turned out that I was, and you told me I was being vain, I would shut this down. I would. I write because I love it. I write because I like to talk with you all and offer whats in my head….even if it is absolutely bat guano stupid.

Next post, I will upload a poem. You’ll have to tune in to check it out. Alright, peace and love you all.

Paradigm of the Heart

HEY HEY HEY HEY HEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By the way, I don’t know if I have told many of you this in the past few days, but I really appreciate all of you…yeah, and YOU too. Actually, especially you. I hope you read this and go spread the love to someone else. Give them a hug, kiss, bro-side-hug, awkward-hug, side-cheek-kiss, long embrace. Speak some words of loving-kindness, ballads of poetry, encouraging-loving-caring-hope into their lives.

Why do I feel this way? Because every day is a moment and we shouldn’t need a near-life experience to shake us up and smell the rose that is right in front of us. LOVE. Be kind and don’t let pass the time, cherish it with family, friends and lovers. This commission I give to you: Love and be loved. This time, this year, this moment, let life not be about ourselves, but rather about the one next to us.

Take with you the Love of Christ and all those who are with you. Make this the paradigm of your heart. Go in Love. I Love you all. Peace.

LOVE This Christmas

Hey everyone. Sorry, but this post is my fatigue.

Today I turned in a 12…well…11 and a half page paper, and took a 60 question final today. I am tired from the amount of work done and I am ready to rest with holiday fun and friends. The thing with the paper is stupid. I wrote twelve pages, and when I went to the lab to print it out, the margins were all screwy. Being that I left no time to edit it, I had to print it out and turn it in right then. This made me frustrated. I knew that it wasn’t my best effort, and I was turning in something that wasn’t my best. I’m not sure if any of you can relate to what I am saying, but it was pretty disheartening.

Anyway, it was nothing when compared to the trials some people are going through this Christmas, so I will not linger long on it. As a matter of fact, it’s gone!

So my good friend Debbie Leslie brought up a website the other day that knocked me out of my socks. The SOUL PURPOSE of this website is to display the needs of people in YOUR area this Christmas season. I promise you this: If I was out of school, had the money, and back-up (people to help), I would go one-by-one on this list making peoples dreams come true. What better way to spend Christmas, than to give the TRUE meaning back to people. God gave HIS son to us…I want to give LOVE (God is Love), back to these people.

Common people. bring it. LOVE is the most un-selfish gift that we can give to the people around us this Christmas. I feel like making some people’s worlds this year. I am not suer why, but I just feel the urge to help, give, and be reckless. I wanted to tell you about this so that maybe you would catch…whatever I have going on right now. Make someone’s year by helping them out today.