RG in GR

So I am here in Grand Rapids, MI enjoying the time away from everything. (The title means ReGrouping in GrandRapids) I needed some time to get away and enjoy the company of people that just love on you. You know the people, these are the people that you absolutely enjoy spending time with because you know that they are not gonna give you any flack for petty things, they are going to drop everything and spend time with you. Sometimes I dont feel that at home all the time, so I like to escape here.

Anyway, I am enjoying myself and I wish that more of the people I came to visit were here and not in their home towns or off on vacation, cause I miss them, but I am really enjoying the weather and the company that I DO have. God has been working in the time that I am here and I am glad of that.

I hope that you can get out and really give God some praise for the things in your life that He has blessed you with. There are many I know, but get out and thank Him for them today, and just get away from it all. Amen?

Peace and Love

The Word is the World

Fixing my eyes on the pages, I do not want anything else. Why is it that I have not turned to this before? Why is it that this paper, this word of God, has me in some sort of trance that I cannot loose? What is it that has me so undoubtedly fixated on the Holy One, the King of my Life? What about this book seems to last through all time, weather and war? Is it divine? It is truth…divine truth. The One on the throne has spoken it, so it shall be written by the hands of David, John, and Paul. So the hands of the servant scribe the words that are uttered from the One True God’s lips. This word, THIS WORD IS THE WORLD TO ME. It is the truth, the life, the All of me. I lean on it for understanding, direction, and wisdom. I know I can’t live without it, and yet I test its limits…how far can I go? The Bible, this is the book I speak of. But you already knew that. If you didn’t…ask me. I’d be more than willing to let you in.