New site

Hey everyone, sorry I’ve been away, but I have been busy with something new.

I’ve been working on a new website that deals stricktly with videos. Some are good and some are INSANE! anyway, the site is called YGCOTV -or- You Gotta Check Out This Video. It is doing really well, and I wanted to tell you about it. Make sure to stop by the “About page” to read up on what the site’s all about.

This site is a lot of fun so be sure to keep a look out for more videos. The site updates daily with new material. That’s all for now, love ya. peace.

World Change starts with you.

What makes this day different than the rest? What sets today off from yesterday and the next day from the next?
What will you do with life rearranging? What will you do to change the world when the world needs changing?
What causes a shift in the norm? What causes us to improve, move and transform?

I ask, because I care. You think, because you should. We are called to think outside ourselves, called to a greater good.
Precious is the nature of time, fleeting are its ways. The need is we are called to serve, called to see, called to raise.
It’s in the passing moments you notice, in the still of fast. Teach, show, grow, and send…the mold must be cast.

So friend, I don’t demand, and I don’t require. I will not force and I wont inquire.
Whatever you do is honestly up to you. You could sit and do nothing or make nothing anew.
Just think about you, and then think about more. You will soon begin to find, others are hard to ignore.

From Darkness

In darkness there are other senses. The sounds of renewal, feelings, defenses. Light can be found among the black. Light is a power that keeps coming back. Breaking the barriers at break-neck speeds, killing the void like an unkempt weed. The gloom of the deep can send hairs on edge. This unknown murk gathers grime and dredge. But this is not a story of the sad. No, rather a tale of the glad, a quest for the light we so graciously had. This light makes all things known, all things shown, gives flight to things once flown. This beautiful thing makes a songbird sing, instead of cling, it spreads it’s wing…then the next and soon it soars, above the oceans and above the shores. This once dark place has seen new light, giving flight to fright, sunrise to night.

A Day to Dream

There once existed a man of dreams, who pictured life outside the seams, outside the realm of possibility, outside the common schemes.

This man stood for a better day, a better tomorrow without the haze that blanketed our eyes, caused us to rise, caused us to say…

“He had a Dream, that can still come true! A better life that is long overdo! Where the red on the pavement was not in vain, but bled for you.

THIS day remember what he did for race, that all his work will someday erase, the disgrace of looking at only the face, but instead in the heart where God brings grace.

He had a Dream, let it not be a day, that some are relieved of school in order to play, but a reminder instead, of a united fray.

This day remember Martin Luther King, and the change that he desperately tried to bring.”

“The time is always right, to do what is right” Martin Luther King Jr.

The Goodwin’s and the Un-told Toast.

This post is for Dave and Jenn Goodwin. May their lives together be filled with fruits and vegetables.

This week, I went to a wedding. This wedding was like no other wedding you could imagine. It was a wedding that you have never even seen before. Why such a freaking cool wedding? I’ll tell you. This wedding was a joining of two souls that were meant for each other. These souls were once separated, for a time…but time did it’s course and brought these two souls back together through fire and water. Their love is so strong and selfless, that it would put “Princess Bride,” to shame. Heck, Princess Bride’s Kiss had nothing on the Kiss that these two souls shared when they were finally wed on January 8th, Two Thousand and Eleven. It was like the angels themselves were singing a custom song just for their day. This day, will forever be considered as the Single Greatest Act of Love and Friendship that I have ever experienced.

For those of you who experienced this event and celebration of union, then your eyes were blessed. I cannot put into words properly, even now, how truly awesome it really was. If someone said, “It was a good wedding,” THEN THEIR HOLDING BACK! Cause it was more than ‘good.’ Good is what you call a dog or an ice cream flavor. THIS……was unexplainable.

So I had fun. Oh yes. It was fun. I was the best man, and as such, I had to keep the groom in sight and make sure he was aight. Also, I had to give a speech. For those who heard my speech, you knew I didn’t have a sheet of paper that I was reading off of the whole time. I was speaking from the gut and from the heart. I meant every word, and I love you both Jenn and David.

BUTT, what you didn’t know was that, I didn’t practice my speech. Nope. And this isn’t a pride thing right now, nooooooo no no no. I was a bit nervous. This is why. Four months before the wedding, I wrote out a speech. YEAH! I planned it out and crafted a nice long speech. But………………………………………….I left it at home. It was actually the ONLY thing I left at home. Great.

So, for your enjoyment, here is…..the un-told speech that was meant for Jenn and Dave, with all my heart.

David Goodwin, so many times we’ve had…some good some bad. I remember crashing in your dorm room pad, for I think the entire month of Januhairy–when we grew out our beards, or what facial hair we had. I met you in Johnny’s studying for a final exam, you could say it was a cram, that test was a complete sham. Jenn was there too, but more importantly you and her were beginning a journey that would lead you two here. David, I couldn’t be more proud of the man you have become, the journey you have traveled has lead you to Calvin Alum, the friendship I’ve had with you is second to none.

Only with you could I have done all these things: renaissance festivals, beating halo reach in one day, watching horrible horror movies, late nights in yesterdog drinking fake wine on valentines day, giving me eight shots of espresso during a comedy show while I laugh uncontrollably, late nights during finals, birthday dances on 3rd Bolt…actually lets include everything that happened on 3rd Bolt during that year–including that sketchy exercise routine we did in November, Jenn and Nathan’s simultaneous birthday parties, writing sessions in the F.I.S.H. House, You shaving my head for the first time, random trips in Jenn’s car, Mr. Keez, Our Epic trips to Chi-Town, and I’ll never forget the going-away party you and others threw when I left Calvin College Sophmore year.

But it isn’t moments like these that make a friendship strong, its time, commitment, and a willingness to go on, through the tough, the good bad and ugly, through the beauty of spring and all that it brings. Even in spring it rains on our parades, like a waterfall it cascades, the dichotomy invades, in beauty and sadness wrapped in it all, remember your promises if you hit a wall. And remember the people who are here tonight, who wont only be there for you when all is right. Like life, marriage is a fight, despite the delight, there will be the red lights. And I guess all that I’m trying to say, is that I’m glad to have you in my corner David Vincent Goodwin, as I am in yours today.

So raise your glass to the best people I know, and agree to help their marriage grow. To Dave and Jenn.