So, hey everyone. I’ve been thinking. Thinking about a lot. Most of all on my mind is that I wanted to use the summer to do some things that I don’t regularly get to do during the school year, like read for myself, or roadtrip, or camp or work out.

So I’ve decided to work out more, get into shape. Yeah, GOOD THINGS!! Except, none of the things that I want to do are getting done!!! WHY?!?!

Goals people. GoAlS. It is probably the biggest thing holding me back besides the fact that I think exercise is the biggest LIE KNOWN TO MAN CREATED BY SKInNY GNOMES!!

But I know that I should do it. I do. So I have decided to give myself some goals in order to get up every other day, and bike like mad…sometimes run…but mostly bike. Eating right is another thing that I have to beat into my brain. It’s gonna hurt, but I’M GOING VEAGAN!!! haha, such a joke! I love animals in my mouth. sorry vegans. I’m talking about less red meat every week, less needless sugars, less needless carbs, less high fat foods and hydrogenated stuffs (hydrogenates are from the Devil.)

Without Goals Oil Spills happen, and we all know how that ended. Common people, goals drive us to do great things and achieve the impossible. Like Human flight…
SERIOUSLY THOUGH, I’m going to loose 15-20 pounds and probably gain 5-10 in muscle, so it’ll even out. FOR FITNESS!! [jumps into air, punches sky]


4 Quick Tips for the Best Summer EVER.

So it’s summer…or at least it’s hot enough to be…and I thought that I would write about some tips to having the Best Summer ever. Four easy steps. seriously, it’s THAT easy.

Tip 1: Hit the Road.
Get out and enjoy the great unknown. Go see a friend you haven’t seen in forever, or visit a city you’ve always wanted to visit. This tip requires a few things: 1.) Another Person. 2.) A Car. 3.) Some Cash. Have fun. Plan out the route, and go have an adventure. They don’t take long, and you can even do small day trips if you’re chicken.

Tip 2: Hit the Books.
Durring the school year, the last thing we want to do is read books. So reading on our own time gets to be a bit impossible. Loosing yourself in a book can be the best thing during a dull day. Summer doesn’t have perfect weather ALL the time. Plus, reading helps preserve brain power and knowledge. Go get smarter.

Tip 3: Hit the Pool.
Water is your friend. Nothing says Summer like swimming, laying out in the sun, trips to the Dunes, or Ocean front. Let the water take control and move you into Summerland. Lakes are always fun and the waves aren’t too huge for those afraid of giant surf. Being a native to the European-white skinned people, tanning isn’t my strong-suit. I mainly burn, and then that burn turns to brownish. Think of me as a marshmallow. White, but when exposed to extreme heat…keep a good eye on it, or it will burst into flames. Slow and steady gets it brown. It takes me about 3 months. Just in time for Fall…

Tip 4: Hit the Outdoors.
The outdoors are calling your name. Forest, trails, rocks, rivers, mountains and fresh air. These are the things of The Great Outdoors. Go camping with some friends. There are plenty of places to camp, just hit up the good ol’ Google. The best part about this tip, is that you get away. It is important to get away from the busy life, and just escape it all. The outdoors will do you good. Trust me.

Getting ambitious? Want to do all Four? Go camping out west, or where ever is far for you. This will take care of tip 1 and 4. Make sure you camp near a lake, so that you can knock out tip 3, and take a book along with you to read in the car, or before you hit the hay. Make this summer, a great summer. Peace to all of you, and God Bless.

Prayer Always.


The Faithful Few

hey everyone. I havent written anything in a while, but I felt led to write down some stuff today. Hear me out.

I have been doing some work on my other blog for some time now. Unite4Love. It is a great thing, and has gotten me thinking about Love and Loving others in a whole new light that has never crossed my gaze before. It has been one of the most beautiful journey’s I have made before. But that is not what this is about.

Today I caught up on some posts from an old friend, and flipped through some recent photos of my friends from my old college. The photos were graduating photos. All these things started to wind up feelings that hadn’t surfaced due to repression. I was getting nostalgic about my friends leaving and being far away.

It seems that I am staying in IL, and one friend is going to Tennessee, one to Colorado, one to Washington, three in Michigan, one in California, and two in Korea. This is just a portion of my friends. So you can see why I feel so connected to my computer as of late, and why I have been finding new revelations about Love. People are Love. My friends are Love. They are Kind, Generous, Funny, Compassionate, Faithful, and irreplaceable. They are my core. They keep me fighting, loving, and living. With Christ in the Center, this formula is Gold.

People. Cheerish those around you that make you feel like LIFE is Fresh Air. Who make you smile…just thinking about them. Who make you laugh just thinking about them. Who make you cry, missing them. We were meant to live in community people. I love you all so much.

Much Love and Prayer Always.