Twice an Uncle

Well, I write about all things my life, and this is more of an expression of happiness than anything because my younger sister just had a beautiful baby boy! I received the news while riding in the car, coming back from helping a friend pack up his catamaran in Holland, MI.

I have to say with honesty that I have general reservations with not being at the hospital for either of my niece or nephews births. When Elisia was born, I was working at a summer camp that refused to allow me to leave, even to see her overnight when the camp was sleeping. Needless to say, I was pretty angry about that. Now, with Cohen’s birth, the plan was to motor over to Naperville, IL as soon as I hear she was in labor. Luckily, she went into labor on my day off from work. Still, with complications in my living in Grand Rapids, I had planned to move back home on the 3rd of November. With the birth happening four days before I move, it didn’t seem practical to leave come back and then leave again. Even though I get the suport of my family and friends that a four day old baby is the same as an hour old baby, I wasn’t there…and I hate that.

And yet, when I received the text:

“dude…your nephew abides. Cohen Monroe Birkey. Booyah!”

I couldn’t help but notice how fast all my reservations left me. I became immediately happy and purely joyous. Bliss was filling inside of me like water without enough room in the bottle, spilling over the top. I couldn’t help break a smile, which turned into my laugh, which turned into a compelling urge to call Noel and Robyn. I called Noel, and congratulated him on the birth of his son. I couldn’t hold back the emotional tidal wave that was crashing over me. I was so incredibly happy for these two amazing people, sibling and bro in law. I was jumping in my car, laughing, pumping some seriously infectious music, and thanking God for this perfect moment in time.

Even though I was not able to be there for the birth of my nephew or niece, I feel confident that the love they felt when they came into this world could not be matched. Welcome to the greatest family I have ever known, Cohen, the boy born from The Beauty and the Beard.


Chapter 2

It has been a while readers, and I apologize for that, but I have been forging my way into a new chapter in my life. Most of you know that I am living in Grand Rapids Michigan, working as a pizza delivery guy by day, and living up the good life by night. Things have been going really well. Still, there have been some developments that some of my readers and friends in the Chicago land area need to know about.

The purpose of this blog post today is to let you all know that I am moving back to Montgomery, Illinois to work there and pay off loans until I move to New Zealand. The original plan was to work in Grand Rapids and pay off my loans, but my time has expired there and I need to make some quick, efficient decisions in order to remedy some problems that have arisen.

I know that this is good news to some and troubling news to others. It is plenty bittersweet for myself as well. I feel it is the right decision and I feel that I will be able to do what I NEED to do while closer to home. I enjoyed every single second that I was in GR, and I will miss all of my friends & family there like crazy. For all my friends and family in Chi-town, I will be moving back on November 3rd or sooner (depending on one stipulation.)

Everything in life has a season and everything in life has a purpose. I fully believe that and hold to that. I know that there is a purpose for this and I will honor that. I am going to make as much of the situation that has been placed before me and enjoy the time that I have left with those that I love the most. I can’t wait to see you all again and be apart of your life once more. Godspeed and see ya when I see ya.


Kinetic Beauty

I wrote this article a little under a month ago for See it there.

What is our brain truly capable of?

They say that we only use 10% of our brain. While this is absolutely untrue, no greater evidence is presented to disprove this than an individual’s abilities to create new and abstract artwork. A perfect example of the brains ability to conjure and design new and truly beautiful works of art is the Berlin firm ART+COM. The project labeled, “Kinetic Rain,” was made for Changi Airport in Singapore and put on display in Terminal 1.

The so dubbed, “kinetic sculpture,” is one of the more stunning art pieces that I have had the pleasure of staring at in a very long time. When I first saw the video of the kinetic sculpture in action, my eyes were held captive. I could not look away from the product produced by this art piece; beauty. It was beautiful…it was wonderful. It additionally caused me to marvel at what the human brain is capable of. As a race, humans have created some fairly horrific things, awful and disgusting things. Still, in the wake of everything bad, there is the ability to create something that causes feet to stop, breaths to hold, hearts to skip, and minds to wonder. Even in the pictures attached to the link display children watching, mouths open, and minds fixed in pure attention.

Moments of complete captivation pay homage to the creator. When eyes are widened in awe and anticipation, an art piece is genuinely honored and appreciated in hushed silence. There is something strangely pure and beautiful about “Kinetic Rain” that causes you to stop and smell the proverbial roses and causes you to truly appreciate the wonder of the human brain and all the beauty that it is capable of. To know what I am talking about, you’ll just have to experience it for yourself. See it here.