New Website and RED

Hey everyone. It so happens that with the help of Mobile Me and iWeb, I was able to make a personal website all to my own. I will be giving it to anyone who wants to know a bit more about myself, or just want to see it for some reason. I highly recommend people to get a mac just for this purpose. iWeb is such a cool program and makes creating a website so easy. So here it is to you guys, since you’re reading this right now Enjoy!

On another note, I just bought RED‘s new album Innocence and Instinct and it is beyond God breathed amazingness. To give you a sense of what they music is all about, check this out. To compare them to an artist, they would be pretty close to Linkin Park without as much rapping. 
Thats all for today. I’m off to engage in some seriously awesome small group action, FNBS (Friday Night Bible Study) Peace and God bless.

Stroke of Beauty

The wetness marks the crying of winter, the melting of transitions past.
The warmth relays to the embrace of spring, hoping it has come to last.

With each muddy footprint, each slosh in my shoe, I give an audible grin.
With each drip of water off the rooftop, I smile to the glorious din.

It’s about time for some change, the feel of cold leaving like memories of old.
It’s about time for some change, flowers peek through colorful and bold.

Another year, marked by water entering gutters, and grass again apart of our lives.
Another season, marked with the tears of sad, tears of happy, we know life strives.

It’s with this that only words can paint the canvas, the art-form that is this world.
It’s with this that only words can make us see, the beauty quietly unfurled.