Soon to Come

Hey everyone. Seemed like a good time to blog. I woke up today refreshed and ready to get the day going.
6 days ago, I went to a water park with my friend Corbin and sat in the lazy river for an hour and a half. Probably the worst decision I’ve made this year, easily. Because as soon as I came home, I realize the gravity of the situation. My entire front half was literally…beet red (you can check my twitter, I posted a picture.) The next few days would become some of the most painful experiences that I can describe. Night one felt like my skin restricted movement and I could move very well. Add that my skin was on fire and extremely sensitive, and that’s Day one. Day two consisted of my skin itching. Im not talking about a mosquito bite itch, no. This was a full torso, bugs crawling beneath the layer of skin itch. It did not relent for the entire night and no relief was in sight. See, I couldn’t itch it at all because it was a burn and would shoot pain through my nerve endings if I touched it. I couldn’t fall asleep and just stayed awake for 6 hours. Day 3 was better. Day 4 was…interesting. So what happens when you have a layer of dead skin attached to your torso and you begin to sweat? Imagination grinding its gears? Well, imagine the sweat building up underneath that layer of skin and creating bubbles of sweat. Yeah. At one point in the night, I was wondering why my shirt had blotches of sweat on it, and realized that it was because the bubbles were popping and leaking sweat out. Yeah, about an 8 on the gross meter. Day 5 all that skin began to shed in sheets. yeah…not flakes. sheets. And that leads me to day 6. Today. Where the sensitivity is much lower, the pain is minimal, and the flaking is in full season. This is the tale of the burned. The lesson is learned, the color of my skin has turned and the medal of pain I have earned. Now I will begin to bask in the days I have yearned, the end of the hot, yet cold it is not. Fall. Soon to come.


hey guys and gals. so iv’e been really busy lately. I have not had a whole lot of time to post anything. from working on a wedding video and editing it, potentially another video to work on, up-keeping a website for a crusade going on right now in Rwanda, doing 30 hours of landscaping in 4 days, and trying to be social…i have to be honest with you…cause your my friends………..i forgot about my blog completely. im not even taking the time to capitalize many things in THIS blog. i still love you all and care about you. truly i do. peace for now, and until i find more time and become superhuman…i bid you adieu.