American Nasty

So today I had a very interesting and not at all embarrassing event happen to me while I was working on a paper that is due in a few days. I was going about the paper, and got bored, so I went to my gmail to see if I had mail, and then I went to facebook. What should I see, but more provocative adverts for American Apparel. Have you seen these? They are located on the left side of the facebook site in a column. They are the ones with the women in t-shirt dresses that you can totally see through. Other ad’s (the one that I am talking about in this blog) include about ten to fifteen men and women in different designs of t-shirt, some v neck, some non v neck, some dressy, some quite normal. I click on the advert and they have woman in these pictures wearing the t shirt and nothing else. Now, you can’t see anything revealing, but it is right to the point where you probably would should she raise the shirt an inch. I find these ad’s very male focused, and wanted to see what they were all about. There were more ad’s like it where the women are wearing the t shirt, but only underwear on. The funny part is, while I got carried away with looking at these ad’s, my roommate chuckled behind me, “Nasty,” he says–reminding me what I was even doing! I laughed with him– “Yeah, nasty indeed,” and got back to my paper.

It is so annoying how these advertising companies know exactly what to do to get the attention of a man. They just objectify women on the screen and get the males to buy into this horrible fantasy that they portray. It is sad, and this is a WARNING to stay away from the plight of the advert companies to gain your soul! Ha, still, it’s kinda like that.