Hello avid reading people of the web. Alright, so I wasn’t very prosperous in the month of November…as I usually am. I have found the need to write tonight due to some other friends writing on the blogosphere. I occasionally get into moods that cause me to become motivated in the writing of things.

Today, I feel obligated to inform those reading this post, that consistently moving one’s self outside the usual, normal, beige, monotonicity of a box life, causes one, all of a sudden, to become aware of those living in this world who are struggling just like us. I, of all people, know how easy it is to just melt away the rest of the world and make it a world of ME and me alone. If there was anything that my job at the social work agency has done for me, it has been expanding the number of people that exist in my world. This may seem like a difficult thing or even a painful chore. What do we gain from this? What becomes more clear when we make our population: 2, or even 3, instead of just population…me?

Less selfishness, more compassion, less lethargy, more reaction. It’s the catalyst to Christ’s Love, the fuel to the fire, when we become less, and our love becomes higher. An exercise in expansion, a selflessness exhibition. It’s an important lesson in creation. He made more than one, he knew you when there were none. If that doesn’t blow your mind, then what will get the job done? Those others out there, are the children of God…and that guy who flipped you the bird, his name is Bob. He has two kids and another on the way. He’ll be touched by your unconditional compassion today. You see, it’s by our example, of Christ’s example, that we become amazing examples. They see you living, and they get a sample. They take that taste, and they like what they get…then they love their neighbor, and they can’t help but admit. There is something to this Love thing that just feels so right, it causes a flame, so dormant, to ignite. This light that is bright causes a reaction to excite, and before you know it, the cycle recites, repeats, travels back to the starter anew….now their world is much more than just two.

Start seeing, interacting, conversing, and helping. Bring yourself out of your made up world, and recognize those who Christ calls us to. Your world will never be the same, and I mean that in the best way.