Life in Moments

It is said that there are about 2.3 billion ‘moments’ in the average lifetime of a human being. Why that precise? In the average life, there are 2,366,820,000 seconds, 39,450,000 minutes, 657,436 hours, or 27,393 days for those moments to happen. Moments are made every second. They say that someone is experiencing something incredibly significant on the planet at all times.

No video could more accurately appreciate the seconds in this lifetime more than Andre & Markus at “The Beauty of a Second” vimeo channel. Here they really convey how precious the moments that we have in life truly are. Additionally, they prove how tragically and at the same time beautifully fleeting this life really is.

With each of these moments often come memories. Memories that if you search yourself, will have more of an impact than you anticipated. Some memories are bad, but for most the good memories are stored in a special place. The good memories seem to be placed in an area where they can’t be touched, waiting…waiting for you to remember, or access them again. I think this is healthy and keeps us alive, filled with hope for a better time, a happier time. In a project done by Galvea Kelly from Ireland, this director takes on a simple mission. 50 people in Chicago, one question: “What is your favorite memory?”

Moments in life happen all around us, and I wager that we most times are numb to the insignificant ones. Why would we pay attention? In this incredible visual collage of everyday moments, Vitùc shows the viewers that moments are everywhere, and these are some of the “under appreciated” ones that happen right under our noses without us sometimes even noticing them. To quote Vitùc, “the simple things of everyday life.”

Finally, I wish to show you, the readers, an incredible “life art project” in where the filmmakers, musicians, artists, politicians and cats…I’m quoting them on that one…, , come together to create a moment. The video is truly beautiful as they attempt and succeed in creating an artificial environment in an otherwise impossible situation. I like this philosophy. When you have an idea that will make people laugh, scratch their heads, giggle, play around, look like fools, or wonder…then MAKE that moment happen, don’t wait for it to fall into your lap. And that’s exactly what these people do.

All of the stories and moments that you found on this blog post today were originally found at the Incredible website Colossal. I would recommend checking it out and having your mind blown each week.

Additionally, if you want to check out more moments in life, there is an ENTIRE ARMY of people doing this very thing in New York City called “Improv Everywhere.” These people are creating, most times hilarious, life moments every. day. Enjoy.


The Beauty of a Second:

Fifty People, One Question:




Improve Everywhere:

The Newsroom: A Refreshing Possibility

Here is an article I wrote for about the new HBO tv series The Newsroom. I hope you enjoy it and I hope that it causes you to think deeper about what news can really become. Check out the article here.

BADALA: An Encouraging Difference

Chances are good that you have never heard of BADALA, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have. BADALA could very well be the most refreshing and encouraging difference being made in the lives of Africans that I have ever had the pleasure to discover.

BADALA is a company started by the highly motivated and driven Joelle McNamara. She started BADALA when she was only 17 years old, and by the time she graduated high school, the mere idea of BADALA was already a non-for-profit working to create change in the lives of children and widows across Nairobi, Kenya, and Rwanda. To quote the BADALA website:

“In Africa, when a woman is divorced or widowed and left with children, she has few options. Her avenues for income are often insufficient and socially unacceptable. Many women are forced to re-marry quickly, steal, prostitute themselves, or become beggars. Our microeconomic program seeks to provide an alternative to these methods of income to single mothers in impoverished communities by training and hiring them to make fair trade items.”

BADALA, which stands for “instead” in Swahili, is creating opportunities for these women to release themselves from the prisons of their circumstance. To quote Joelle McNamara, “BADALA is giving these women opportunities ‘instead’ of prostitution, begging, abuse, etc.” At only 24 years young, Joelle and her team are doing much more than your average philanthropist. They are acting on all the thoughts that have run through our minds:

“People are dying by the millions just because they don’t have enough to eat. Half the world’s children are sick because they don’t have access to clean water.”

The difference between us and Joelle is that Joelle knew that even one person is capable of changing lives half-way across the world. Joelle is truly a one of a kind visionary that doesn’t come around every day. With the BADALA team working towards real change in Africa, and the results being clearly seen with updates and increased inventory for the website, Joelle and the BADALA team give real motivation for other dreamers who hope to create real change in the world, but feel that they are just one person.

Joelle travels to Africa with her husband Corey, more frequently than most, to exercise her devotion and true passion for the cause. This month she traveled to Nairobi & Tanzania and will be there, working with the women of BADALA.

You can join BADALA and make a true difference by donating to the cause here: You can also learn more about BADALA’s cause and what they are about at their website: also check out the merchandise that the women in Africa are making here: