A New Zealand-Sized Update

Hello everyone, and greetings from New Zealand. It’s raining here quite heavily, and thought this would be a good time to finally update you on my progress here. A lot has happened since my last update, and I feel that I have failed to clue you in. This is partially due to my laptop failing on me, and partially because I have been very busy.

First on the update: I have been accepted to the Maxim Internship. For all my American friends, this is not what you may think, and I do not work for the magazine. Let me make that quite clear, ha. The Maxim Institute features a very prestigious internship in the summer months (December-Feb), and then a semeser internship (March-July). The internship is esentially a ‘think tank’ that “produces research and informed analysis of contemporary issues; develops and promotes sound public policy; and communicates research findings and policy initiatives to the decision-makers and leaders of today.” (http://www.maxim.org.nz/about_us/overview3.aspx).

The view from the Intern house

Second: Now that I am in the internship, I live in the 69825_10151495022459684_1375784229_nintern house that Maxim has provided for us. The house is on the North end of Wattle Bay, and comfortably fits me and the other 5 interns. The internship is a communal experience and also includes lectures and practical experience. I have been blessed to experience the internship due largly in part to the extremely generous donations by alumni and other donors. I am reminded everyday of the incredible opportunity I have to create change here in this country. I only hope that this internship can prepare me for working with this country’s people in a compitent and lasting way. The outside views from the intern porch also continue to remind me of God’s incredible creation and force me to take a break every once and a while, stop, and reflect. Always important I think.

About the Maxim Institute internship from Maxim Institute on Vimeo.

In the internship, I will be working with an organization named, “Te Whakaora Tangata,” which is the same organization that I have been volunteering with every other Saturday in Clendon. With them, I will be spending time with the people in that area, helping them, and providing services. In doing this, I will hopfully then be able to record their stories, and fulfill the need of someone hearing them and listening to them. By recording their stories, we can become better at what we do and thus offer more efficient services. Also, I feel it is an increbile service to listen to someone who feels invisible to the listening ears of their society. I can’t wait to get started, and in fact, I am quite eager to finally begin engaging.

Like I have stated before, I will be attending this internship until July, and then I will be looking for work in NZ as well as a flat to live in.

That will be all of the current updates about me at this point. I hope it hasn’t been too boring. Any prayers being sent my way would give me much joy. I love and miss you all and I pray that you will continue to work in making the area where you live into a much better place for everyone.

Eric Peterson

An American Outpour on New Zealand

New Zealand. Mighty, New Zealand.
With each breath you crest another wave,
Runners jog the beaches you pave,
And often forget tourists crave,
New Zealand. Mighty, New Zealand.
Your beauty is unlike anything I know,
From buildings & mountains high, to ocean floors below,
Your people use love, kindness, and pride to sow,
New Zealand. Mighty, New Zealand.
Rich with culture, stories, and lore,
From Middle Earth to the Hakas roar,
A country that beckons you to explore,
New Zealand. Mighty, New Zealand.
Whose roads I intend to roam,
With enough adventures to fill a tome,
A land this foreigner now calls home,
New Zealand. Mighty, Gentle New Zealand.