Every 4 Years

Yay for today. Today is a leap year if you didn’t know this. Leap year tends to be that thing that is confusing to some people and really simple to others. I for one have never really taken note of which year is going to be a leap year and which is not, but incase you didn’t know everything about leap years, this video will give you some crazy cool insight.

In case THAT didn’t wet your whistle (whatever that means), here are some more sources for WHY we have leap years.




ImageOkay, so if you are reading this, it is because I am allowing you to see top secret information about my clients that no one else can see…..hahaha, what a joke. I can’t do that.

Even so, this is what I CAN say: I had some new clients the other day who came in for marriage counseling. It was a difficult situation for both of them. I could tell from the way they were sitting in the waiting room that these two had been through hell and back. Sitting on opposite sides of my office was a clear indicator that my gut instinct was right. The tone of voice that each held was as if the words in their mouths were barely able to make it past their lips.

As soon as the paperwork was done, I made sure to set the tone. I looked at them both and said, “Why are you here?” They began to tell a story that broke my heart. Woman tries hard, man tries hard. They have a baby, and things get harder. Woman and man fight. Woman uses words, man is hurt. Baby stuck in the middle.

This story may seem like a dime a dozen nowadays and you could be right. The fact of the matter is, it still did a work on me. It pains me to see two people, who were at one point joined in marriage, come to this place. I could see the ceremony, friends everywhere, laughter, happiness…love. And then *SNAP* the thought is over and is replaced with the two I see before me, defeated with no idea where this is going.

I am glad that I serve a God who cares about them and cares about restoration, healing, and hope. I believe, with everything in me, that change IS possible. Healing CAN happen. Hope IS there. You just need to be willing to fight.



AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! don’t let anyone tell you that getting a masters is easy.

It’s funny, My wordpress site, the one that I left blogger for, is now so mainstream…that I am using my blogger to vent my uncensored frustrations.

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No lie? I feel horrible. Today really bummed me out. Not so much the day, as much as when I got home.

The weight of this semester is seriously hitting me in the gut. Only, it isn’t stopping. It’s punching me over, and over, and over and over. Tonight, I seriously wanted to “tap out.”

ALL i can think about is the NEXT thing that has to get done, and each is harder than the last. I JUST NEED SOME TIME TO GET THEM DONE!! Time without interruptions, time without the thought of having to go to internship the next day.

I need this to be over, and the scary thing is…I’m starting to care less about how well I do. I know that is not how I want to feel.

The Id, The Ego, & The Superego Explained

I will represent who is talking with parenthesis.

Jeff lives in the city. Everyday, Jeff wakes up fairly early to go running. (Id) It is WAY too early to be waking up, I want sleep. Go back to bed NOW. (Superego) Well, if you go back to bed now, you wont get fit and impress the ladies. (Ego) I’ll take a nap when I get back. Jeff is now running in the park and sees a beautiful woman also jogging. (Id) Wow. Go after that. Don’t let her get away! (Superego) Have some respect Jeff. Don’t treat women like they are some piece of meat. (Id) She’s getting away!! Chase after her, don’t disappoint me! Do it Now! (Superego) That is so wrong. Focus on why you are here in the first place Jeff. (Ego) Maybe I’ll run beside her and see where that goes. Jeff continues on the run, and it went nowhere. He is now jogging back to his place. As he is walking up the steps to his apartment, he smells a hotdog vendor. (Id) Sweet Jesus that smells incredible. Go to it Jeff. Go to it and get it inside of me now! (Superego) Gross. You just went on a run Jeff. Eating that right now will just make you sick. (Id) Are you out of your mind!?! I’m STARVING. If I don’t get that hotdog inside of me now, I’m going to regret it. I want the hotdog. I NEED the hotdog. (Superego) what was the point of the run if you are just going to throw it all away? (Ego) I have food upstairs that I can cook up after I shower and take a nap. (Superego) Finally, a solid decision for once. (Id) Jeff, you suck. 

Also, the Id resides in the unconscious. The Superego spans across all three areas of consciousness, the pre-conscious, and the unconscious. The Ego exists in the pre-conscious and the conscious.


Late nights and Interweb fights

Hey everyone. Whoa. [yawn/stretch/scream] Alright. So I just woke up and it’s 11am. I know that it is kinda late in the day, but believe it or not, I had a GREAT productive stretch the other night and didn’t get to bed until 4:35am. So really…I got about six and a half hours of sleep. Not quite as much as I wanted, but what can you do?

To give you a little idea of the master piece I created the other night, click on this link. I am glad that it turned out so well, but I am not even done! Ha. The assignment was to make our own Midterm and the best one gets a PERFECT grade for the Midterm. Yeah. Just a little incentive. If your Midterm does not get picked, then you have to take the Midterm when you get back from Spring Break. I’m hoping that mine is the best. Still, I have to add 4 essay questions to my Midterm, AND, just like all the other questions, I need to answer them. So that’s what I’ll be doing today.

So, I have done a very good job of not going on facebook while I was working the other night. I have to admit to you though. I feel like I am becoming anxiety prone to checking everything that I usually check throughout my day. It’s sad and very interesting to me. I would wager that you check it everyday as well. I would challenge you to try going 24 hours without it as well and gauge your reaction to it.

I have done this in the past and I have loved it. Leaving facebook for a little while has always helped me to recalibrate and not become a slave to the web, ha. Still, I’m not hating on fb, I am NOT going to delete my account when it’s all said and done. I love keeping in touch with all of you, and have even managed to keep a very valuable long distance friendship going for over a year via facebook. The site is doing a good job at its core focus: brining people together. and I appreciate that.

STILL, we need to be real with ourselves people. When does something become unhealthy? This is a valid question, and one that will change from person to person. And yet, you should be asking yourself that question about the internet, especially for this reason: The internet may bring people together, but it also has the power to keep people apart…Physically. Make sure that you are taking in healthy doses and geting out once and a while to actually SEE the people you interact with online.

Me? Well…I’ll be a prisoner of my computer for the next three days, but it is not because I am glued to pinterest, reddit, youtube, netflix, stumbleupon, or facebook. The reason is because I am working tirelessly to get the Masters Degree and see you all at my Graduation Bash I’m throwing on May 12th. I’m doing this for my parents, my friends, New Zealand, 19 years of schooling…and myself. God is my strength, and in the end, I always have to give Him the credit for getting me through what I thought I couldn’t. Thank you all for your support. And as always, I’ll keep you updated as I walk along this journey. Peace and live in the sunlight.