Sometimes the Lemons taste good

So….I am moving to Montgomery very soon. Saturday to be exact. Yeah…it’s crazy! Don’t get me wrong, I am beyond siked to get into that house. My neighbors in the culdesac-town-home-complex couldn’t be any weirder.  No, I will be eagerly awaiting when I finally get to sleep in my room with the middle-of-nowhere stars above our roof. Sometimes in life, the lemons can taste quite good. Change isn’t always that bad in every situation. I have experienced more bad change than good, but it feels soothing to relish in the fact that this change is going to relieve tension. My family will all be together, I will be working with my sister and her boyfriend, Randy, at the Apple Store, I will be heavily involved in our newly created youth group, Pulse, and I will be easily finishing up the 1st semester at the new university I thought was going to be pretty hard. 

In this case the lemonade couldn’t taste better. I know that things will eventually throw me for a loop, its life–it wouldn’t be that interesting if it wasn’t. But I feel that I am glad I am where I am as of now. It helps me to know that my friends will always be there for me, my family will never stop loving me, and my God will never stop being the same God. All signs go? Not quite. My only job now is to repair the only relationship that is above the rest–the one that I left hanging a few weeks back–it’s with my Father in Heaven. All I pray for now, is that he doesn’t pull a Job on me.

No Words

The content today is not much, but I feel the weight of the speech is justified. I just want to bring it out that I love everything I can every say about my God. And when I say my God, I meant the God that I have gotten to know over my whole life. The same God that showed up into my life when I was a pimple ridden, over weight, 13 year old in the lonely place of my heart. This God is the same yesterday, today, and 10 years down the road when I have new problems on my plate. So what is this blog today? This is a shout out to my man in the sky. My Father in Heaven, who has my back everyday of the week, whose love heals all lacerations of my soul, whose grace doesn’t make sense. Yeah, this may not relate to you in anyway and you may not get a word I am saying, but it isn’t me who usually does the talking. I leave that to God. May his love speak to you in a way that no words could ever. Have a blessed day.

Juggle What?

For most of you who know me very well, you know that I am more than busy as of late and I have fulfilled my time with small groups and other nightly activities (they take place at night). For those who don’t, well I basically only have one day pretty much to myself. I am a godly man, and as such I make an effort to include God in everything that I do. What can I say, I love him. He is my everything. He is the seal upon my heart and the fire within my words. I try not to do much speaking and just let my “living” do the preaching. Anyway, so I make sure that in the morning I spend time with God, and then do work that school assigns me, and then Mon, Wed, Fridays I usually help out Dan Beckvar for mucho money. Every night except Thursday I seem to be doing some kind of small group or Youth ministry. It’s what I love to do. Its what I am passionate about. The only thing is, it is starting to get a bit out of control. School work is catching up on me after about a month of nothing, filling in my free days with paid work is taking away from school, and nights are when school work can be done best sometimes. Not to mention that if I want to spend time with God, which is more important to me than anything, I have to get into bed at around 10pm, no exceptions. This leaves about… time. 

It is obvious in my endless wisdom that I am going to have to shut down some of the opportunities that have come up in this time. The question I pose is this: Which small group means less to me? Which do I feel is not picking me up? At least it seems as if this is the question I should be asking. You see, with all this busyness, I leave no room for things to happen. If someone wants something to happen, it most likely would not be able to fit within my ALL IMPORTANT SCHEDULE.  No, it is without a doubt that some trimming will have to take place. All I ask within this is some prayer to decide. My family is trying to sell their home, so that would need some prayer as well. We are paying two mortgages and it is killing us.