My Weekend

So, This is what happened. Friday I went to work. During work, my battery died on my phone. It is now that I realize that I did not grab the address off the phone for the dinner with the Carstons (friends from church) at the hotel. I also realized that I was under dressed and dropped $120 on pants, shoes and a belt. I charge my phone a bit at the verizon store at woodfield, printed directions, and headed off to the party. My battery died again on the way there. I partied all night and then hung out with the guys. I slept at Dan free’s house because I had AV (audio/visual) Room the next morning. Woke up, did AV room, hung out with people till youth group, helped out at youth group. At youth group, we sleded the whole time and had hot chocolate at the end. Then Jenn was leaving for Europe tomorrow and was having a get together at a friends tonight. So I decided to head over there, stay a bit and then head back home. Well. I got directions from Jenn on how to get to the house…and they were sketchy. I got kinda lost, and stuck behind a train that stayed on the tracks, blocking the intersection I needed to go through…FOR 20 MINUTES. Meanwhile I am praying the entire time cause I have no phone, and weird directions, every road I take has detours to take due to construction…I’m getting worn out at this point. I’m stopping at every Citgo Gas Station along the way asking for directions to help me get to where I want to go, but at 10PM, they closed, so I was on my own. By God’s grace, I found a landmark that I was supposed to look for, followed that to the house and then decided it would be best if I stayed at Jenn’s for the night. Justin, a friend who is also going with Jenn and her class to the Interum trip to Europe, was going to stay at Jenn’s house too. This brings me to now, where I am typing out this blog entry, comfy at my home and totally content with life. god blesses and he takes, but today he blesses. How was your weekend?

The Done

Alright folks, I know that a few of you are still engaged heavily in the studies of the final variety, but I just had to jump on my Mountain and scream that I AM DONE!!! Done with papers, presentations, groups, professors, grammar, schedules, 8am’s, morning run’s (well, I’ll keep those), but it is out the window. So, with this in mind, I reflect on what I accomplished. As usually, I feel that I could have done a better job and could have been less distracted. This is the usual, but if I search deeper, I know that I did not include someone who wanted in on my entire semester at Aurora, God.

It was with great amounts of sadness that I reflect and realize that I did not bring Him into the equation NEARLY enough as I should have. My relationship with Him is worth more than any other relationship that I have ever received. This is why I should include Him more in everything I do, walking out the door, pray, driving in the car, pray, walking into class, pray, working on homework, pray. Do this NOT ONLY when you have a test or hard assignment. INCLUDE HIM! This is what I know I should have done better this year.

I can not say enough how excited I am to be done with everything this year had to hold. I want to see you people more often now. Love to all of you and Merry Christmas. See you all soon.

True Love Will Find You In The End.

This is Maximum. The most. The best. Love at its greatest. Above the rest. Feelings of warmth, joy, bliss. Making sure you don’t miss loves true kiss. The flutter within the cage of bones. Long hours, countless words exchanged on phones. This is the Maximum. The most. The best. You know it’s real. It’s in the chest. That gut reaction. The satisfaction. The feeling pushing you right into action. The nerves, the smiles, the pain, the trials. It makes you sick, like smelling turnstiles. This is the Maximum. The most. The best. Where true love can shine and push the test. Where two can share, sacrifice, invest. Where they defy all odds with passion and finesse. This is where beauty is beautiful and love is lovely. Where dinner and a movie means ice cream is likely. When the letter in the mail arrives o’ so timely. This is where men search true love in the quest. When feelings are no longer so deeply suppressed. Where reason is abandoned and Love is professed. This is the Maximum. The most. The best.


The end is sighted, crosshairs alined, the freedom is tangible, or is it all in my mind…

God what I’d give to be unconfined.

I’d break free and spread wings high.

I’d dare the best to deny my good-bye.

I fly….




Uninventing. the way I live. it begins today. sending my restrictions into disarray.

Mind’s Mirror

Its on this day of many days that I choose to reflect on events that have passed. Here are the reflections of my mind’s mirror.

Blessed. So very blessed. For my friends. For my family. For my house I live in and the computer I type from. For my education, and how I use it. For the people I touch, by the grace of God I give it. For the clothes I wear, and the clothes I give. For the money in my account, may it fester and grow. For the view out my window and the sunrays that glow. And the painting He paints. He knows what I love, sunsets and sunrises. My smiles point above.

Most of all, its love, above all else. I could go days with riches, and happiness drought. But love weighs more, my heart knows. No doubt. I love you all. I love you so much. You all know that. You all know that I’m touched. I value love above everything blessed. That I wrote it on my arm, like a moto, like a crest.

I know you all have blessings. You have them in spades. Give some to someone, whose life they would trade. They need our love, they need our attention. Why help the healthy, when the sick seem to worsen.

I’m done with this soapbox, I didn’t mean to shout. I’m so pleased with my life, and how it turned out. I wanted you to know. I wanted to convey. That you mean so much to me. In every way.

So this season, lets share this great love. And hopefully this message, will fit like a glove. I wish you the best and all life can write. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a great night.