Tomorrow marks the day of the last day in the first week of this blog….[if you followed that, well done.]


Congrats to those who love reading my crazy and non-sensical writing, and are wo/man enough to admit that you love it anyway. Thank You.

This post is for all of you who comment and cheer me on through all the trials that life brings me and the blessings of friendship that He has given to me in…YOU.

Many thanks to your love of the timeless type, the written word, and the spoken soliloquy. You are my writing warriors and I thank you.

Being around for a year, and having as many responses to my writings as you have given, humbles me and I don’t like bragging, because it’s dumb, but what you give is love, and being a champion for decreasing world suck and increasing world love, I thank you.

Now I embark on a magnificant journey of Manly proportions, and in exactly three hours…it begins.

[if you don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s probably because you haven’t read my last post, and this  “thank you post” doesn’t even apply to you. good day.] 🙂            <——- that emoticon erases all hurtful meaning when you attach it to anything. [sarcasm]


Going Tribal

This post is specifically about a retreat that I am going on with most of my small group and MEN from my church, The Edge.

TRIBE!!1!! Okay I’m kinda siked about going on this retreat that my church is putting on for all the men’s of MANDOM. A lot of Manergy has been put into this Mancation of Epic proportions. We are heading to the great Michigan for some seriously awesome MAN Time. Friday to Sunday.

To get more real though, Biblical Manhood is something that I think is lost nowadays. We are finding that an entire generation of misguided, mislead, and misinformed ‘men’ are going out and hanging, dating, and marrying woman out there who deserve much better than abandonment, abuse, and neglect. It’s seeing these repetitive themes in our men that causes us to try and do it different.

TRIBE is about getting back to those truths. It’s about being the man God that He knows you are or can become. It’s about time that a bunch of men come together and say that enough is enough and close just doesn’t cut it anymore. This will be a weekend to remember, I guarantee it.



Hey all you loyal bloggers. Time to talk to you.

It has come to my attention that I am going to switch permanently to https://ericlukepeterson.wordpress.com. I will still throw blogger into ‘google reader’ so I can read up on all of your blogs, but I will not be on blogger.com anymore.
I know…tears. I’m sorry. But you can still follow me on wordpress.com. There is an email subscription. If you live in the 21st century and you aren’t an idiot, you probably have an email address. Heck, if you are reading this, you probably aren’t an idiot. So go to https://ericlukepeterson.wordpress.com and follow me.
Follow all the hilarity that is my ridiculous writing and sonnets of beauty at https://ericlukepeterson.wordpress.com.
I am leaving now. Good-bye. :’ (

The Top List of Things I’ll Miss About Having A Man Beard

  1. Stroking the beard/fiddling with it when I’m pondering
  2. Catching things that fall out of my mouth
  3. Looking older
  4. Being able to hang things off my face
  5. Keeping my Chin warm
  6. Beard + Pipe = Cool
  7. Beard + Plaid Shirt = Awesome
  8. Lumberjack Impersonations
  9. Looking like a Viking
  10. Looking like a Pirate
  11. Feeling closer to my German Heritage
  12. Hiding Facial Imperfections
  13. Making Fun Designs e.g., Wolverine Chops, FuManChu, Creeper Stache, Goatee, Soul Patch
  14. Saving money on razors
  15. Keeping me Single

If you are wondering what this list is about, I think you know. the beard will be coming down within the next month. Hilarity will follow.


Month of Writing

Hello all.
I am dedicating next month as “Month of Writing.” During said month I will be posting a blog about every other day on average. The reason behind this stems from last years traffic on my page. A year go, November 3rd, I stated to my audience that in this particular month, I was going to be, quote, “writing a bit less because I am studying.” I turned out to write almost every day. I will make it a tradition to do such when this time of the year comes around.
I feel that I wrote as much as I did because it was the hardest and most stressful time of the year. When I am stressed or emotionally compromised, I write. I express. It’s just what I do. So…now that you know, expect more writings for the INTERNATIONAL MONTH OF WRITING EXTRAVAGANZA. Peace.