So, hey everyone. I’ve been thinking. Thinking about a lot. Most of all on my mind is that I wanted to use the summer to do some things that I don’t regularly get to do during the school year, like read for myself, or roadtrip, or camp or work out.

So I’ve decided to work out more, get into shape. Yeah, GOOD THINGS!! Except, none of the things that I want to do are getting done!!! WHY?!?!

Goals people. GoAlS. It is probably the biggest thing holding me back besides the fact that I think exercise is the biggest LIE KNOWN TO MAN CREATED BY SKInNY GNOMES!!

But I know that I should do it. I do. So I have decided to give myself some goals in order to get up every other day, and bike like mad…sometimes run…but mostly bike. Eating right is another thing that I have to beat into my brain. It’s gonna hurt, but I’M GOING VEAGAN!!! haha, such a joke! I love animals in my mouth. sorry vegans. I’m talking about less red meat every week, less needless sugars, less needless carbs, less high fat foods and hydrogenated stuffs (hydrogenates are from the Devil.)

Without Goals Oil Spills happen, and we all know how that ended. Common people, goals drive us to do great things and achieve the impossible. Like Human flight…
SERIOUSLY THOUGH, I’m going to loose 15-20 pounds and probably gain 5-10 in muscle, so it’ll even out. FOR FITNESS!! [jumps into air, punches sky]


2 thoughts on “Goales.

  1. Debbie

    Haha, you’re my favorite writer. Ever. How about instead of just biking and running, we play some more volleyball and baseball and frisbee and soccer this summer? I file those things under the category, “Exercise That Doesn’t Suck.”

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