A Letter to Three Mothers


This year, I have been extra aware of the mother figures in my life. Reason being, my mother is over 8,000 miles away by sea and by land. In addition to my mother, my two beautiful sisters, who really have this whole motherhood thing down, are also in Chicago. (Seriously, I know no cooler moms). Other than Debbie Elliott, who has been my surrogate mother while being in New Zealand, the three coolest women in my life have been the best, most accurate examples of what God’s love for others truly means.

I can remember very few times when my mom has failed to care for us kids, show us that she loves us, beam with excitement whenever an opportunity to give a gift is near, or demonstrate (and I mean this), every morning, how to approach God…no matter what mood she’s in.

This kind of Godly woman is what my sister’s have had as an example, to look up to and to emulate when they were raising their kids, Elisia, Cohen, and Annibelle. From the days of us kids fighting non-stop in passionate battles for who sits in the middle seat, to us gathered together around a warm fire as adults, not caring where we sat…it’s funny thinking back to those crazy days.

It almost felt like I was just starting to hit a groove with the relationship I was building with my sisters, and then I felt the call to move to New Zealand. Even with the distance between us, I can say with authority that Nicole and Robyn have been a complete joy in my life, and their joy, their children, have continued to solidify my position of how God has blessed them. Nicole, Robyn, I love you so much, and I am so incredibly proud of the mothers that you turned out to be. Robyn, you have truly blown me away with your kindness and gentleness in parenting Cohen. He adores you, and it shows in everything you do that you and Noel adore him even more. Nicole, Elisia is the spitting image of you when you were a kid: Wild, crazy, and adorable. Her love for life and early love for the Lord is only mirrored by both you and Randy’s love of God. And Annibelle, well she’s just too cute. Full Stop.


And Mom. Without your kindness, sensitivity, and grace, I’m not so sure I would be the same person. You have blessed me with traits that I didn’t immediatly love about myself, but in growing, have come to know that they are the best parts of me. I love you more than I can write in this letter to you, and more than a visit home can give. It’s cliche, but you deserve more than just a day. You and Dad gave us who we are. I love you so much, and I hope today is a whole day of you knowing how much you are loved.

Love Your son,



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