The Faithful Few

hey everyone. I havent written anything in a while, but I felt led to write down some stuff today. Hear me out.

I have been doing some work on my other blog for some time now. Unite4Love. It is a great thing, and has gotten me thinking about Love and Loving others in a whole new light that has never crossed my gaze before. It has been one of the most beautiful journey’s I have made before. But that is not what this is about.

Today I caught up on some posts from an old friend, and flipped through some recent photos of my friends from my old college. The photos were graduating photos. All these things started to wind up feelings that hadn’t surfaced due to repression. I was getting nostalgic about my friends leaving and being far away.

It seems that I am staying in IL, and one friend is going to Tennessee, one to Colorado, one to Washington, three in Michigan, one in California, and two in Korea. This is just a portion of my friends. So you can see why I feel so connected to my computer as of late, and why I have been finding new revelations about Love. People are Love. My friends are Love. They are Kind, Generous, Funny, Compassionate, Faithful, and irreplaceable. They are my core. They keep me fighting, loving, and living. With Christ in the Center, this formula is Gold.

People. Cheerish those around you that make you feel like LIFE is Fresh Air. Who make you smile…just thinking about them. Who make you laugh just thinking about them. Who make you cry, missing them. We were meant to live in community people. I love you all so much.

Much Love and Prayer Always.


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