My Mother, Sharon Rose Peterson.

Today is Mother’s day. Though I’ve written quite a bit about my mom in the past, and though this isn’t the first time that I have been away during Mother’s Day, I still want to brag a bit on a Mom that has shown me so many unconditional lessons of love and kindness. Sharon Peterson.

What can I tell you that hasn’t already been said on Mother’s Day mom? I will say that when I was living at home, it wasn’t always easy for you to tell that I enjoyed being around you and Dad. That kind of comes with the territory being nearly thirty years old and living back home for a year. Please know that I felt more love and respect for you in these past years than I ever have. That sounds wrong when you read that, but I think a person’s life is more richly understood when it’s told. In the years leading up to my leaving overseas, in the years away, and in the year I came back home, I feel like you and Dad have become more than parents to me. When I did that interview with you and Dad about your life before having kids, your personalities and your histories were given fresh life in my eyes. The reason I did that interview was to know who you both were as people. You had a life before us. You had friends and passions and hobbies. I loved seeing you talk about those things and understanding more about you.

Also, understanding more about you gave way to understanding more about me. You made me after all. I understand my emotions more clearly than I ever did. I understand my gullibility to sarcastic humor. More importantly, I understand my loud laughter and joy towards life. I understand my kindness to others and often overwhelming empathy for their situations. I understand the pangs of guilt when I have wronged someone and the desperate desire to reconcile. Mostly though I understand the nature of my heart and the lessons you’ve instilled in me after years of never giving up on me and never letting discouragement overtake you. I can only hope that Nicole, Robyn and I have honored your and Dad’s work in us.

I love you Mom. Happy Mother’s Day.



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