Many Mother’s Day

What does it mean to have three incredible mothers in my life? What is the impact of seeing motherhood lived out day in and day out? What is the alternate of this? The impact of a horrible mother, the effects of a neglectful, unloving, absent mother? The scars left by an abusive, overbearing, and insulting mother? This day, like Christmas, Father’s Day, or birthdays, can be a reminder of something we’d rather forget. The pain that is drudged up by the annual forced reminder of this person’s presence, or lack there of, can be more than they would like to deal with.

It’s important to recognize that not every persons situation is like our own, even though it’s easy to forget.


This being said I would like to acknowledge the three mother’s in my life, my sisters Robyn, Nicole, and my mom Sharon. My sisters have always been there for me, even when we hated each other. Our relationship hasn’t always been good. Hardly. Nothing is perfect, even when that’s all we show these days on Instagram or facebook. I will say that something changed one day and we were like, “Why are we at each other’s throats?! Let’s cut it out and have fun!” Okay, it didn’t happen…quite like that…at all…but we did start to become friends after siblings. Since then, my sisters have been showing me up in the grand-child department. Being that, they have 5 collectively and I have…none. Whatever. They can be better than me for now. Ha. I love you both. Thank you for making me the cool uncle. Uncle status is pretty sweet. Also, don’t miss the feast tomorrow, it already looks amazing…[drools].

What can I say about my mom that hasn’t been said in my other posts about her? I am enjoying being back in the country with her. No matter if I get married, or have kids of my own, and no matter how old I get, Sharon will always be my mother. She will always be the best to me. She will always be the one who raised me, took care of me, taught me to study hard, love God, love others, and not be afraid of my sensitivity. Thank you, I love you Mom.

This Mother’s Day, think outside the box. Get to the heart of the matter. No one knows your Mother like you do. Love her. Appreciate her.

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