The Id, The Ego, & The Superego Explained

I will represent who is talking with parenthesis.

Jeff lives in the city. Everyday, Jeff wakes up fairly early to go running. (Id) It is WAY too early to be waking up, I want sleep. Go back to bed NOW. (Superego) Well, if you go back to bed now, you wont get fit and impress the ladies. (Ego) I’ll take a nap when I get back. Jeff is now running in the park and sees a beautiful woman also jogging. (Id) Wow. Go after that. Don’t let her get away! (Superego) Have some respect Jeff. Don’t treat women like they are some piece of meat. (Id) She’s getting away!! Chase after her, don’t disappoint me! Do it Now! (Superego) That is so wrong. Focus on why you are here in the first place Jeff. (Ego) Maybe I’ll run beside her and see where that goes. Jeff continues on the run, and it went nowhere. He is now jogging back to his place. As he is walking up the steps to his apartment, he smells a hotdog vendor. (Id) Sweet Jesus that smells incredible. Go to it Jeff. Go to it and get it inside of me now! (Superego) Gross. You just went on a run Jeff. Eating that right now will just make you sick. (Id) Are you out of your mind!?! I’m STARVING. If I don’t get that hotdog inside of me now, I’m going to regret it. I want the hotdog. I NEED the hotdog. (Superego) what was the point of the run if you are just going to throw it all away? (Ego) I have food upstairs that I can cook up after I shower and take a nap. (Superego) Finally, a solid decision for once. (Id) Jeff, you suck. 

Also, the Id resides in the unconscious. The Superego spans across all three areas of consciousness, the pre-conscious, and the unconscious. The Ego exists in the pre-conscious and the conscious.