A Big Enough Lie

“Tell a big enough lie, and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.” A. Hitler.

A chilling reminder from a man who convinced most of a country to participate in easily one of the world’s greatest tragedies.

A lie…is one of the more dangerous and destructive things that can intersect your life. The lie often starts small, almost insignificant, but given enough belief, the lie ends up foundational in our lives.

It begs the question: What lies are we feeding belief? What lies are we allowing real estate in our own minds? Who are speaking these lies to us? Co-workers? People who dislike us? Ourselves?

It’s my belief that the enemy has perfected the lie. Somehow satan can tell you something that you know is false. He can tell you something that you know is untrue. You may even know exactly why the lie is being spoken to you. And STILL, the lie makes it’s way into our minds and sets up camp. It festers and grows. It thrives and multiplies. The lie soon becomes something that you’re telling to yourself. Now the enemy steps back and lets the damage spread. Like a wildfire in a dry forest, out of control and unrelenting, the lie reeks havoc on Truth. You begin forgetting what is actually true and what Christ has told you to be real.

A lie, spoken with enough perceived truth, can alter the entire reality of how we see ourselves, or what we believe about ourselves. The lie has the power to change how we walk in our own identity. Think about that. Like a surgical cut to the main artery, what started so incredibly small ends up completely destroying us…if you allow it.

Understanding the gasoline to the fire is simple: Isolation. When we’re on our own, we let these things roll around in our minds, we don’t tell anyone about what we’re going through, and ultimately we fall prey to the deceit. We try to fight it and we try to defeat it on our own. This is the mistake. We were never meant to be on our own. When we start doing life together, meeting with friends who care about us and talking about the things we are struggling with, we start killing those lies. When we remind each other the promises of God and the Truth that his word says about us, we find victory over the power of the lie.

Think about yourself tonight. Think about the lies that may be making a home in you and start taking action towards living in the truth. Find people who you can be real with. Stop giving the lies your belief and start believing the truth.


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