One Year, Looking Back

One year ago I was excited to see all of my friends again and live with my family after 3 years of seperation. I was anxious about the transission, after living in New Zealand for that long, but I was happy none-the-less to be back home.

Looking back feels weird to me. It doesn’t feel like I’ve been back for 365 days now. The time feels more like months have passed rather than a full year. I have made good use of that time being with friends, traveling to places I’ve never gone before, meeting new people, making new friends, reuniting with old ones, continuing old traditions, and eating ALL the good food, haha.

I’m blessed.

I took advantage of the time I was given and stepped out. As I look back at the photos, pin pointing moments over the last year, I feel blessing. I feel love.

Though I stand on the edge looking out towards something new, something unsure, I know that it is good. You people are my joy, you are my struggle, you are my strength. You were with me when I was away and you were there when I came back. I now know that our bond is something that isn’t truly affected by distance, but rather is rooted in something tougher and more durable…and I thank you.

I appreciate the last year’s adventures, and I can’t wait for this years.


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