Talkin’ About Films

So a while ago, my friend Corbin and myself decided that we wanted to try an experiment. We would make a podcast. Whether that had anything to do with the fact that we had just finished listening to a hilarious podcast about the band U2 is beside the point.

It’s always be on my bucket list to do something in radio, whether that’s being on an actual radio show, which I got to do earlier last year, or start a show of my own. I figured that starting something up on my own would take more work than it was worth. I was kind of right. This is the genesis of our little experiment.

Corbin and I talked about doing a podcast in jest, like, “Wouldn’t it be great if…” As all things start out, we didn’t really take the idea seriously. Then one day, after finishing the U2 podcast, we decided that we wanted to create one badly enough. We decided on the topic of talking about our favorite films growing up as kids. Films that aren’t necessarily Oscar worthy, but in our hearts, get al the praise. Most of them were more cheese than laughs, but all were worth talking about.

We contacted a friend of ours, Theo, with the gear, and he helped us set everything up. It took weeks of getting three peoples schedules to line up, as Corbin and myself both work shift work. Finally, we met and got all the gear set up. We were all ready to go. I was excited.

As you can guess, everything has its bumpy starts. A main component wasn’t working. We couldn’t record. I was devastated. Sorta. Luckily we worked out that later that week we could record an episode, so we did that. The first episode was so much fun. The process was weird, but exciting. I think you can hear the nerves in our voices.

In the end, recording the show became a bit of a struggle, and we ended it with an episode talking about some of our favorites. The episode was so much fun to do that we lost track of the time and recorded for over two hours. We decided to split the episode up into three parts and give people some breathing room.

All said and done, I’ve loved the process and doing something this creative. Honestly, I don’t care how many people end up listening to it, and frankly, not many have. That’s okay. From minute 1, we knew that this was going to be something that wasn’t going to get much attention. We were doing it for ourselves. Much like the kid we all know, doing a fake news broadcast in front of their family movie camera, we were doing it for us, because it was fun, because we could.

Thanks for the memories Corbin, may they live on in untouched glory.

The website that we hosted the episodes has locked out and they are no longer on the web. If you want to listen to them, you can email me at and I could figure something out. Sorry.



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