Life Lessons: Raised on Movies.


I grew up in a house with over 900 movies in it. My father loved movies. I grew up being able to recognise movies within seconds of seeing a random scene from them. I also grew up on the classics. Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones, Rocky, Star Wars, and many, many Disney films. In my years growing up, I learned a few things about life from movies. This is bound to happen with so many movies in the house. I decided to create a list of things that I happened to learn from the movies that I watched. They are mostly 90’s movies.

In a list of no particular order, here are life lessons from 90’s movies:

Jurassic Park: T-Rex can’t see you if you don’t move
The Truman Show: Convinced me that there were moments that I swore people were watching me and everything was about my life.
Sandlot: Shoes make you run faster and jump higher. Also you can survive a 20’ fall off any object as long as you land on your back.
Peter Pan: Having a group of friends and adventures in the wild is good.
Home Alone: If I wanted, I could fend off my home with toys. Also, aftershave really burns the face.
Little Rascals: Club House = Yes. Boxcar Race = Yes (this turned out to be a horrible mistake)
Harriet the Spy: Launched my obsession with being a child spy. Gear, notebooks, the works.
Tom and Huck: Living in the wild would be so sweet. Also, blood packs are cool.
Blank Check: I just wanted 1 MILLION DOLLARS! that’s it. That’s plenty, right?

The Big Green: This kicked off my love of soccer. Still love it. Also, it doesn’t matter how horrible you are, if you believe, your skill will increase 10 fold.
The Little Giants: I wanted a go-cart so badly. Also, I played two years of pee-wee football because of this movie.
Heavyweights: I love summer camp. Also go-carts.
My Girl: Bees can kill you.
Mighty Ducks 2: D2: Roller hockey is something I signed up for because of this movie. Also, the knuckle puck doesn’t work.
Hook: Baseballs can’t break airplane windows. Also, I wanted to be a lost boy.
The Borrowers: When stuff goes missing, for NO reason, it’s The Borrowers. For real though.
Wild America: You can survive a bear attack if you have brothers to help you out. Also, don’t pick up hitchhikers.
Mouse Hunt: It’s actually pretty hard to kill a mouse, unless you have an orange.
Prince of Egypt: This started my obsession with beautiful soundtracks. I would sit in my room an listen to “Deliver Us” and get the chills. Also “Burning Bush.” I think I cried when I heard it for the first time.
Baby’s Day Out: How did those guys not catch a crawling baby? In New York….Seriously?
Iron Giant: I want a robot.
P.U.N.K.S.: I want a crew with gadgets, and cool stuff, and we do stuff together. I may have tried to do this with my friends.
Good Burger: Every time I watched this, I wanted a burger…so badly.
The Goofy Movie: Even the awkward guy can get the girl sometimes. Also, if I need to save someone who recently fell down a waterfall, I just need a fishing pole and The Perfect Cast.
Beethoven: Having a Dog is serious work. Like A LOT. This was a smart move by my parents.
Fern Gully: We are killing the planet.
The Little Princess: I love a good story.
The Secret Garden: I learned that I cry at movies sometimes
It Takes Two: It’s never too late to stop a wedding
Indian in the Cupboard: Not every Cupboard could bring my action figures to life….
Goonies: If you have a knife, you can slide down a canvas sail. Also, some adventures are worth almost dying in cave. Also, wishing wells are deeper than I thought.
E.T.: Reese’s Pieces are actually irresistible…even to aliens. Also, Bike Rides.
101 Dalmatians: Sometimes people get married after they have just met. Right?
Dennis the Menace: Lock your Doors. Also, I want a slingshot.
Rookie of the Year: If I break my arm, I’ll throw a baseball real fast, right?
I’m sure there are more, and when I think of them, I’ll do another edition. Welcome to the Monday ramblings.

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