Christmas Day Away

Merry Christmas! For those of you in a different time zone, it’s Boxing Day, or the day after Christmas. For my North, Central & South American readers, It’s Christmas day, although, by now you have all torn into presents, gifts, and stockings and are now most likely preparing the Christmas feast for family.

This being said, I thought I would reflect again on the 2nd Christmas I have had away from my family in Chicago, IL. The obvious stuff I will not mention in detail: I missed my family desperately, there wasn’t any snow, lack of Christmas music on the radio, etc. A lot of the same from last year.

Similarly, this year I felt a distance from the central reason we celebrate Christmas. Many of you know that I believe in God and that Christmas is a very important holiday for me to celebrate. If you wanted to find services that run Christmas Eve and Day in NZ, you could. I’m not saying that NZ is void of a belief in God. I went to both services and they were fantastic. What I guess I’m saying isn’t really anything I haven’t said before. I feel less of an urgency to uplift Him to the thrown He sits on.

During this time of year, it becomes very easy to substitute things with the love of God that He has for all of us. Remembering that He, the God, became a human being so that we could understand Him more clearly, and so that we can have a shot at living with Him forever. Understanding this sacrifice and knowing where it all started is what we celebrate on Christmas Day. And that’s hard to remember sometimes when companies are trying their hardest to make you remember their God, their Christmas story.

Christmas is meant to be spent with friends and families, and I had the pleasure this year of spending Christmas with my surrogate family, the Elliotts. I truly am blessed to have someone to spend Christmas morning with when others don’t. Having most of my flatmates gone during the week of Christmas has been giving me some perspective on what this might be like. We’re not meant to do this alone. We can, but we shouldn’t.

Find a way to put Him back in this day and enjoy your Christmas, whatever it looks like. Much love, from me to you. Merry Christmas.



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