The Year I Left My Mid 20’s

If you have been following my writing on this site, and you have good understanding about how and why I write, then you know that key life moments usually make the grade, among other inspiring things. Tomorrow is such a life event. Tomorrow I leave my mid 20’s. Tomorrow I turn 27.

This day will come a day later in the states, as I now live in New Zealand, but for me, tomorrow marks a fairly significant landmark in my opinion. I think that the last “big deal” birthday I had was when I turned 18. Friends, family, food, cake, and laughter. It was a good day. I’m not one for making a huge fuss over my birthday because it feels self-centred. It’s weird for me to make a big deal about myself. Not really my thing.

I remember distinctly what it was like to enter my mid 20’s. I was knee deep in my graduate studies and I went into my internship on my birthday. I walked into my office and my supervisor knocks on my door to give me my first client without prior proper warning. This was my facebook status for that day:

“Real life just gave me a sucker punch this afternoon as I walked into my agency, with no warning, I am assigned a client at 3pm. Here we go.”

Luckily the session went great and I was needless to say, pretty happy afterwards:

“What an amazing privilege it is to engage in what you were put on this Earth to do. WHOO, what a rush. 1st session down. I’ve broken the seal. What an amazing birthday gift.”

It seems farther ago that it really was. It’s hard to understand all that I have been through and learned in the time I turned 24, and the time I now turn 27. My life has changed so dramatically and beautifully that when I read myself talking in blogs or social media over three years ago, it doesn’t really sound a whole lot like me anymore…and that’s fine. This is what happens. We have to be okay when the changes hit us. The more we can get used to life changing, the faster we can understand that life and change are a marriage without possibility of divorce.

I’m excited to move forward, but as with any normal human being, I am curious about the future. What will it hold? Will I be ready? Countless other questions.

I have only written about my birthday one other time on my site, for reasons aforementioned, but for some reason this year felt different in a unique way. I am getting old. Now for all you middle-aged readers groaning at me saying I’m getting old, I obviously don’t mean what you think. I know that I am still young. But, for those of you older than 35, I think you can remember times in your life, age markers, when you felt “old.” 27, for whatever reason, feels this way. I’m sure the next one will be 30, and then 35, and so on. This is also the present reality before us now. We get older. But, I am happy to say that I anticipate the learning, spontaneity, and adventures that tag along the way.

I embrace 27, not only as the year I left my mid 20’s, but as another exciting chapter in my story I tell.


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