2 minute Misery

2 minute Misery 11.19.2013

Written after being stopped in traffic. There was a school girl no more 
than 15 years old, sitting on a bench about 2 meters from my car, just 
writing in her notebook.

Bench side girl, legs crossed, heart and soul likewise guarded.

Line after line in the notebook, page after page unseen.

You gaze out in front, seeing everything, taking it all in through a filter.

A pause sets in, years on your face, but still just a girl.

Flat, white paper becomes a crumpled ball.

Mashed in your hand, I see pain…..such unecessary pain.

You lay down your notebook, but keep up your defenses.

Bench side girl, legs crossed, heart and soul likewise guarded.

For some reason, this girl really brought out the social worker
in me. I wanted to talk to her, and ask her if she was alright.
I wanted to ask her why she hated what she was writing about to 
the point where she needed to crumble up the paper and discard it.
She looked alone, isolated from something, and long in years even
though she was a teenager. For some reason she stayed with me long 
after traffic began to move again. It was a moment for me and she 
was 2 minutes of misery.

One thought on “2 minute Misery

  1. Sharon Peterson

    Really liked your observation and poem, Eric! You have a gift! Also I love the compassion that emanates from you. You are truly blessed by God!

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