An Appropriate Lament


Today, I found out that a friend of mine lost her parents in a bus accident in Kenya. I wrote this, because I didn’t know how else to properly handle the news.

“Sorry for your loss” is all I could say.

Hollow words for a hollow day.

Empty inside, lost, confused.

Caught off guard, happiness refused.


This is what I imagine must be happening inside.

I can only assume, as I never have tried,

To imagine a life without those that I love.

To imagine them now at peace above.


I feel helpless, without words, and wrecked.

I stare out the window and quietly reflect.

Emotions for a friend I only just met.

An appropriate lament.


So it’s with a heavy heart that I console my friend,

Whose loss is beyond what I can comprehend.

I pray, and I hope, that we celebrate them both

That this become our promise, our vow, our oath.

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