This is your Home.

photoIt is in the chair with an ottoman that I sit and create one of the first posts on my blog in a long while. I wanted to write to you all, really I did. These past few weeks have been some of the most challenging and incredible days of my life. I attended Compass 2013 and I was exposed to new friendships, talks on Christ, my walk, and how God fits into our culture, reconnections with friends I had met on Skype 2 years ago…but never met, and so much more. To say that these past few weeks have been a dream come true wouldn’t even scratch the surface. For the past 3.5 years, I have known that THIS is where I was supposed to go. THIS is where I was supposed to work. THIS was where He was going to change me forever.

There hadn’t been a “moment” where I stood long enough to pinch myself and wake up when I first landed. I did however stand on a hill high above New Zealand, overlooking the landscape that unfolded before me, full of mountains, streams, ocean coast and sun beams. It was in this moment, at a winery in Omaha, that I felt a wave of peace fall over me and I felt God say something that I could not say up until that moment. “This is your Home.” In that moment I was overcome with emotion and peace all at the same time. Wave after wave of it spilled inside of me and I was humbled by God’s calling in my life. I breathed out a deep breath and uttered the words, “This is my Home.”

This was that hilltop.
This was that hilltop.

In the time that most of you, my readers, have known me, I have written quite a few pieces of poetry and even have a separate section for it on my blog. I am at my most poetic when I have an incredible muse aiding me. I wrote this one day in Compass. I hope it conveys and truly illustrates how I feel about my time here so far:

Beat still my heart. Once again my pen finds muse and call to flow unhindered and un-judged. Free is the nature for which the thought becomes word and word becomes mark. A mark on a medium for which creation, beauty, and written awe and wonder are properly composed. This land is that overture. These people its notes. These moments its progression. Too long have my dreams and my reality been divorced. Now, finally, in an act of obedience and miracle can the calling and skill of a simple servant be brought into fruition. This is the harvest, and I am the two knees in a humility that only a divine power can conjure. ‘Here am I’ is all that he said, and that is all that was needed. The beat goes on, and I with it. Now begins the rise of a new day, a new life, a new call. This. is. my. home.

Every person who supported me, talked with me when I asked genuine advice on leaving my home behind, thought I was crazy, thought I was right, prayed for me, or just read these posts of a mad servant…It’s you I thank for being here. Thank You.


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