A final amendment to my destiny.

It seems that I owe you my readers, friends, and family a more recent update on the events that have developed regarding my move overseas.

For those of you who read my blog, or know all things that happen in my life, you know three things. One, I love to write. Two, I am busy most times. And finally, Three, I am moving to New Zealand at the end of the month. These three things are very true, however, there have been some recent developments that you all should know about.

In my last blog post, I let you all know that I was moving overseas at the end of the month. This is still true. I also told you that I was locking down a job in New Zealand when I arrive. This is also still true. Finally, I told you that in February I was leaving New Zealand to come back in the United States for a visit, and then stay for good early March. This….is not still true.

For about a year and a half I have been trying to acquire a Skilled Migrant Worker Visa, which allows me to be in the country for 2-5 years. There has been a LOT of red tape to get the visa and be rid of my pain. After the, what seemed like endless months, Corbin convinced me to go for the 12 month work visa. With this, I am allowed to enter into the country and find work…which will be no problem. I will still be working on getting my other visa, but the work visa will do for now. Confusing? It’s okay. Basically, I don’t know when I will be coming back home. I may not for a very long time.

In one week, I leave my job and focus on getting everything together. This will give me enough time to pack, work out last minute details, and see friends before I go. Again, I could not be more excited and nervous, but this is so right. For three years, I have been waiting and I know that this is my calling. December 31st. This is it. Thank you all, and if you want to know the Social Work side of me, subscribe to my travel blog over here: http://thetravelingsocialworker.wordpress.com/




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