Twice an Uncle

Well, I write about all things my life, and this is more of an expression of happiness than anything because my younger sister just had a beautiful baby boy! I received the news while riding in the car, coming back from helping a friend pack up his catamaran in Holland, MI.

I have to say with honesty that I have general reservations with not being at the hospital for either of my niece or nephews births. When Elisia was born, I was working at a summer camp that refused to allow me to leave, even to see her overnight when the camp was sleeping. Needless to say, I was pretty angry about that. Now, with Cohen’s birth, the plan was to motor over to Naperville, IL as soon as I hear she was in labor. Luckily, she went into labor on my day off from work. Still, with complications in my living in Grand Rapids, I had planned to move back home on the 3rd of November. With the birth happening four days before I move, it didn’t seem practical to leave come back and then leave again. Even though I get the suport of my family and friends that a four day old baby is the same as an hour old baby, I wasn’t there…and I hate that.

And yet, when I received the text:

“dude…your nephew abides. Cohen Monroe Birkey. Booyah!”

I couldn’t help but notice how fast all my reservations left me. I became immediately happy and purely joyous. Bliss was filling inside of me like water without enough room in the bottle, spilling over the top. I couldn’t help break a smile, which turned into my laugh, which turned into a compelling urge to call Noel and Robyn. I called Noel, and congratulated him on the birth of his son. I couldn’t hold back the emotional tidal wave that was crashing over me. I was so incredibly happy for these two amazing people, sibling and bro in law. I was jumping in my car, laughing, pumping some seriously infectious music, and thanking God for this perfect moment in time.

Even though I was not able to be there for the birth of my nephew or niece, I feel confident that the love they felt when they came into this world could not be matched. Welcome to the greatest family I have ever known, Cohen, the boy born from The Beauty and the Beard.


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