Film #35: Ratatouille

Now, when it comes to Pixar films, you have to know that I will see them all. Not only will I see them all, but I will see them all a dozen times. I love Pixar films. I do. And I’m not too sure what makes them the greatest things to watch, but I can sit there and watch these movies all day. Tonight I watched Ratatouille. 

This film is about a rat named Remy and a awkward hopeful named Linguini. Linguini is the rightful heir to the successful restaurant Gusteau’s, which is based in Paris, France. Remy is separated from his family of rats one day and finds himself in the general vicinity of Gusteau’s restaurant. Remy is not your ordinary rat. He has taught himself to read after finding Gusteau’s cookbook, “Anyone Can Cook.” He has fallen in love with food and “good” food, not trash; this has made Remy an outsider in his family of rats. After finding himself hopelessly connected to Linguini, after countless series of events, the two become symbiotic and inseparable.

I love this movie because of its wholesome nature. Actually, now that I think about it, I love ALL Pixar movies because of their wholesome nature. It is an incredible thing to be able to make so many movies and find near to nothing wrong with them. It’s a given that a Pixar movie will be good if not make you cry a little (Up). I loved Ratatouille in particular because it was focused on food. I love how they illustrate the importance of food, food preparation, and passion surrounding the cooking of food. Mmmmm. Now I am hungry.

If you like Pixar films….then I’m not sure how you haven’t seen this. Go watch it.


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