Film #33: Ip Man

Oh Ip Man. This film was recommended to me by my friends after I told them that I was looking for a good martial arts film to watch. They told me, “Watch Ip Man. Just do it.” Naturally I respected my friends opinion and checked out the film on Netflix. Holy Ninja stars. This movie kicked serious tail.

In 1935 in Foshan, south China, there are martial arts schools on every street corner. Ip Man is the undisputed martial arts champion, yet he has not devoted himself to teaching. Despite this, it seems that all the kung fu masters of the city are eager to fight him to improve their reputation. When a rough gang comes to town, it’s Ip they must challenge. Then, Japan invades China. Ip and his family live in poverty, with Ip taking any work for food. General Miura, now in charge, stages martial arts fights between Chinese and his men: winners get extra rice. When the general’s attaché murders a colleague of Ip’s, Ip must step forward. At the same time, the ruffians return to town, this time threatening a local cotton mill. Can Ip protect the mill and also face Miura and certain death? Watch and FIND OUT!

But in all seriousness, this film is incredible. Ip Man is not your run-of-the-mill martial arts film. This film has history, serious character development, and a true story that spans across decades into the hearts of the viewer. With the countless fight scenes that show off Kung Fu and all its splendor, it is hard to become bored watching this film.

There is a sequel to this movie that is good, but a hair less interesting than the original. Both are true stories about Ip, who just so happens was Bruce Lee’s Master. Watch this film if you are a fan of martial arts or a good, solid storyline.


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