Film #30: The Adventures of Tin Tin

Tonight I watched The Adventures of Tin Tin. This movie was a collaboration effort with the amazing Steven Spielburg and the incredible Peter Jackson. Made last year from the series of writings written from 1929-1976 by a man under the pen name of Hergé. This film was animated and put on the 3D screen on December of last year and met with excitement and anticipation. Many people from all over the world, including my brother in law, grew up reading these pieces and following The Adventures of Tin Tin.

The film follows Tin Tin and his faithful dog “Snowy,” on their adventures to secure the hidden secrets found in the mysterious ship, “The Unicorn.” We follow the fearless Tin Tin and Snowy as they track down Sakharine and his evil band of marauders across the Mediterranean Sea and into Africa. The visuals created by this animated film are just out of this world. What Peter Jackson and Spielburg were able to do on this film is unbelievable. There are times that the characters actually resemble human actors.

I thoroughly enjoyed this film and I am saddened that I was not able to see the film on the 3D screen, as it looked stunning on my flatscreen alone. There was never a moment that I felt bored, displeased, or like the writing was lacking. All around GREAT film, and a great film to watch with the family. Overall the movie was family friendly on all accounts.

I think that the filmmakers did the cartoon and written pieces justice and the film deserves a sequel as I am very sure the audiences would enjoy watching another adventure featuring Tin Tin and his faithful companions.


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