Film #27: A Knights Tale

Tonight, I give you the one, the only, UUUUURRRRRIIIIIIIIIKKKK VANLICHTENSTIEN!!!!!!! If you couldn’t guess by that alone, I am blogging about A Knights Tale tonight.

This movie is so fun. Set in the middle ages during the medieval games, we meet William Thatcher, a knights helper. Williams master and knight has fallen in battle during the games and can not continue….on account of him being dead. William and his other friends, also helpers, play along in a facade that William is indeed of nobel birth and his name….is URIK VANLICHTENSTIEN! It must be yelled, or it doesn’t sound very cool. As you can tell, keeping up this little charade takes some work and is difficult to keep secret. Chaos ensues and lances are thrown.

I love this film every time I get to watch it. Heath Ledger is not only amazing in this role, but the entire premise of the film is quite…well…fun! It is set in medieval times, but there are modern references made throughout the movie, but not in a way that you say, “Hey….they didn’t know about that yet!” or “That music wasn’t around back then!” Rather, you understand that these things didn’t exist in that time, and you instead enjoy the hilarity. For example, in the beginning of the film the crowd is cheering to the beat of Queen music, and in another scene a crowd dances to the beat of “Golden Years” by: David Bowie.

It is scenes like this that make the film enjoyable, upbeat, never stagnant, and a joy to watch. There is plenty of action, comedy, and intrigue included in this film too, as well as a fair amount of backstory for William Thatcher. I could watch this movie over and over and seeing it again was quite a treat.


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