Film #26: Winters Bone

Tonight Winters Bone was on the docket. I had originally seen this movie a while back, and didn’t know what to think about it. The movie was fairly slow paced and seemed to stay in the same place, going the same pace. The second time I watched it, I liked it much better. I’ll tell you why.

Winters Bone takes place modern time in Arkansas. The story follows a girl, Ree, who is on the search for he missing Father. Ree takes care of her two much younger siblings and mother who suffers from PTSD. The police will take the house on account of their fathers bong needing to be paid, if Ree can’t find him. Fearing that her younger siblings will be placed in foster care or worse, Ree searches for her father, uncovering much that is better left covered. Chaos ensues, but no explosions 😦 ha.

This movie is really quite something. Like I said before, it grew on me over time, and I found that this is a story unlike any other I have seen on film. The journey alone to find her father illuminates a part of the United States that most have never seen or experienced before. The south is another world apart from what most of my readers may be used to. Ree walks everywhere because she doesn’t have a car or cell phone, she doesn’t attend school anymore because she has to take care of her family, she sacrifices because she has to. Her living conditions are not exactly what a social worker would call safe or sanitary, but they do just fine for her and her own. I was fascinated and very intrigued with the film and how they went about telling it.

Check out this film, I recommend it.


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