Film #24: Serenity

Ahhh. This film. I am very excited to review Serenity tonight.

Alright. So there is something that you should know about me before you read this blog post. I. Love. Firefly. “Eric, what the heck is Firefly? You like bugs?” Mmmmm, I’m glad you asked inquisitive reader.

Firefly is a scifi show based in a future society where space travel is possible and the common tongue is a mixture of English and Chinese. The universe is run by “The Alliance,” a powerful empire that defeated “The Browncoats” in the Great War. Most of the universe is poor and regulated under the long arm of The Alliance, so smuggling is a common occurrence. Serenity is a Firefly Class smuggling ship run by Captain Malcolm Reynolds, or “Mal,” played by Nathan Fillion (Mal was a Browncoat in the Great War). The show Firefly follows Mal and his crew around the universe or “verse” as they call it, and all their exploits included. The show takes on a Western theme that is super unique. The way that the people talk in Firefly is reminiscent of an earlier time in our history using “aint’s” “thank you kindly’s” and dripping everything in a southern feel. Still, everyone is using future technology & piloting space ships.

Joss Whedon, the creator of Firefly, decided to go with the space western style to accentuate the “poorness” of the people and at the same time unite them under a common language and socioeconomic status. The show is brilliant and I will always love it. The show was prematurely canceled and not picked up again after 14 excellent episodes. Fans were outraged, but the show remained buried. Ratings were just not cutting it or something. Whatever. Dumb FOX. This was easily the shortest summary I’ve given of this show. I can literally talk about it for hours.

So, Serenity is a motion picture made for Firefly fans, or “Browncoats,” and non-fans alike. The movie does an excellent job of standing on its own without having seen the TV show. Still, I would watch Firefly before seeing the film. Anyway, Serenity tries to just continue where the show left off, although if you’ve seen the last episode, it kind of just dropped off without a finale at all. Regardless, Simon Tam, the crew’s doctor, has a sister, River, who is very special. The Alliance want her for reason and have been chasing her all over the “verse” in Mal’s ship, thus the reason why Simon chose Serenity, a smuggling ship, to evade The Alliance in. Serenity picks up with Simon rescuing River from an Alliance facility and taking her back to Serenity to escape. The film’s plot is all about exposing The Alliance for the crimes that they have committed against the people they govern. Mal would like no greater mission, as he despises everything about The Alliance. The Alliance decides to send a renegade assassin after Serenity in order to recapture River Tam. Mal and the crew soon find out how powerful River is and how she resembles more a “weapon” than a normal young woman. Chaos ensues and explosions definitely happen.

Serenity is an incredible story of redemption from past evils and doing what is right in the face of the ultimate opposition; death. Joss Whedon is an incredible story teller and manages to tug on the viewers deepest heart strings in the only way he knows how. Whedon is a master at getting the viewer to connect strongly with the characters in his stories. Even in 14 episodes, Whedon was able to make me fall in love with the entire crew, finding good and bad qualities in each member, but still wanting to follow their adventures to the end of the verse. I think that I’m not alone in this, which is why Firefly fans are so devoted and fanatical.

I could go on, but I will keep this fairly short. Yes, it’s fairly short so far. I once wrote a paper just on Firefly, and it was much more dense than this, ha. Still, I will always be a Browncoat and I will always love this show & movie. The show & movie have a way of making me happy inside. I just enjoy watching it and showing others the magic of the show. So far, I have introduced the show (as in, they hadn’t heard of Firefly) to 8 of my friends and all of my siblings. As of now, 100% approval rating from everyone I’ve introduced Firefly to.

I will let you be the judge, but I think that you will enjoy them. 14 episodes and a movie. Check it out. You won’t regret it.


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