Film #23: The Dark Knight Rises

Being that this blog post is password protected, know that this post will spoil the movie if you haven’t seen it. Welcome. You have either seen the movie or were able to unlock the riddle. It wasn’t much of a riddle, but good job none the less.

So, The Dark Knight Rises. Wow. Seriously? I loved it. I think that this film was scrutinized and put under the microscope in comparison to The Dark Knight. People were trying to gauge for themselves if this ending to the Batman trilogy was worthy of its “perfect” brother. People said that DKR (dark knight rises) had a weaker opening scene than the opening scene for DK. People said that Banes voice was silly and “old timey” like a man from a 1920’s. People didn’t like the ending. And on and on it goes.

This is what I think. I thought the opening scene to this movie was extremely appropriate. We get a great first glance at who Bane is and what Batman is up against. The scene wasn’t too lengthy and it didn’t lack power. Yes, I thought Banes voice is silly, but only after it was brought to my attention. Honestly I can’t get over that fact once it was brought to light, haha. BUT, while I was watching the film, I did not think this. I actually thought that Banes voice was very sinister and mysterious. That mask was equal parts diabolical. It looked like a black creature was clawing its way out of his mouth. Finally, the ending was excellent in my opinion. I honestly thought that they were going to end it with Alfred nodding towards Bruce, but not showing that Bruce was alive, but I think it was classier the way they did it. By showing Bruce and Selina Kyle, you realize that Bruce and Selina can now start over, clean slate, and Gotham has its martyr hero. Additionally, I thought that ending the film with “Robin” finding the cave was a bold and surprising move that Nolan did an excellent job covering up. The hard core theorists were convinced that John Blake, played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, was Nightwing. It seems, that in DKR, John Blake is hinted as “Robin,” as you know from one of the closing scenes in movie. John Blake is no Dick Grayson, who was Robin in the comics, so it seems that Nolan has created some weird alternate universe. I don’t know.

There were plot holes ade aware to me after seeing the film. I’m not sure if they are necessarily ‘deal breakers’ but they seem legit to me. Buckle up. 1.) At the beginning of the movie, he uses a cane after badly injuring his leg in the second movie, he gets a fancy leg brace and then he’s good to go but in the prison he didn’t have the brace and he was perfectly fine. 2.) the man who helped him in the prison literally punched a vertebrae back into place and he could walk again after a few days. 3.) Bruce escapes from this prison and he manages to come back to Gotham without any money in a matter of a few days with brand new clothes… and how did he even get back INTO the city at that point? 4.) The nuclear bomb 6 miles away should’ve incinerated everyone on the coast of Gotham, and resulted in devastating nuclear radiation in the months to come. Yet no one is injured and Gotham is safe. (I’m not too sold on this plot hole. I think 6 miles would be safe enough, and a plane could travel that in no time.) 5.) why did the bad guys only have one bomb?… with all of their connections somebody could have gotten another nuclear bomb… shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket. 6.) How does everyone know that Bruce Wayne is Batman? When did that secret get out?

I thought that DKR did an excellent job creating a very menacing and intelligent villain with Bane. He wasn’t just muscle. Bane was a methodical and calculating villain, who was ALWAYS ahead, right up until his death. Only in the fear of defeat did we witness Bane loosing his cool and freaking out. After a horrible depiction in 1997’s Batman and Robin, I wasn’t too sure about Bane as a villain, I really wasn’t. DKR put those doubts to bed. I loved his character.

All in all, I loved the film and would LOVE to go see it again. I want to know what you thought. Leave comments in the comments section below and tell me what you thought. Also, let me know what you think about the plot holes found in the film.


8 thoughts on “Film #23: The Dark Knight Rises

  1. Noel

    Saw it yesterday and loved it. Robyn didn’t like Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle, but I actually thought she did a pretty good job. I suppose I felt Selina and Bruce’s “relationship” was a slight weakness in the plot…didn’t seem like a lot of chemistry or development there. It just kind of happened. But that’s nitpicking. Bane was awesome…probably my favorite Batman villain ever, so I’m glad they did him justice in this flick. And Michael Caine as Alfred; what a solid pick for that character through all three movies. All in all, a fitting conclusion to the trilogy…this is probably the best set of superhero movies done to date. I know that’s purely subjective; the Marvel ones culminating in The Avengers and the X-Men movies (most of them) were great. But they just lack the grit the Batman ones have, for lack of a better word. Sad they’re done, but pumped to do a Batman trilogy marathon at some point in the future.

  2. Johnny Boy

    I don’t think those plot holes are really holes, just cracks. Not everybody knew he was Batman, just those associated with the League of Shadows, which makes sense, because they’ve known that since movie 1. And I don’t think he could walk again in a few days. The TV in the background reports something along the lines of “Day 84 of the siege of Gotham,” so he’s been in prison for about 3 months before he *tries* climbing out the first time, and then he gets to Gotham the day before the bomb goes off, which gives him two months to get from his prison to Gotham and find some clothes, which, I mean, he’s Batman, so not that hard for him, I think 🙂 And the bad guys only had one bomb because they’re kind of hard to get through customs, and there only happened to be one functional fusion reactor in the city. They explained the blast radius earlier in the film, I think, although I don’t remember what it was exactly.

    So really, the only plot hole is that he has a bum knee 🙂

    Tom Hardy as Bane was brilliant. His voice!!!! Aaaah!

    1. Interesting reply to the plot holes. I like your thoughts. I didn’t notice the small details lying therein. Still, I don’t think anything could have been very difficult for these guys to do, least of which get a bomb into the city.

  3. So I tried to make the point to my sister that it was strange how everyone all of a sudden knew Bruce Wayne was Batman, but she seemed to disagree. Out of all of the plotholes that bugged me the most. But I just have to say that movie was INCREDIBLE!! Solid ending in my opinion.

  4. I agree with you across the board. Saw it last night, had a great time. Loved the film. Loved all the different plot strings. Especially loved the R’as al Ghul elements! And the Robin stuff. And I dug Bane and loved the back breaker scene. Anderson paid an adequate homage to the classic DC storyline. And that ending … YES.

    1. Yes! The back breaker scene was something that I didn’t mention in my post, but I thought it was a testament to how formative Bane was as an opponent. I hate it when villains monologue instead of getting the job done, but the difference was Bane monologued AND got the job done. He was very intimidating from that moment on.

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