An Up to Date Update

Hey everyone. Happy August 1st! “AHHH, Eric! Don’t say that!!” I know reader, it’s not easy to hear that summer is ending, but it is. Fact. Well, at least in the Northern Hemisphere…

Anyway, this morning I realized that I had been going crazy with film blogs and have neglected to write a normal post in quite a while. So I will give you the run down of how it has been for me here in the past month or so.

The job at the pizza shop is going very well. I am getting more shifts and this means more money coming in. More money coming in means that I am able to put some money aside and it means that I have more security. This doesn’t mean that I can stop trusting in God for finances though, as I am humbled constantly about how much I really have daily, ha. Just the other day I had money…paid rent + utilities…and then didn’t have money. It’s a roller coaster to say the least, but this keeps me on the edge. And believe it or not, the edge is where I want to be. If I ever got comfortable, I feel that I would do not-so-smart-things with my money. Until I am confident otherwise, I am fine.

In other, more painful news, I broke a personal record for running distance; 4 miles. Of course, I was with Dan Prins, my roommate who is crazy good at running, BUT STILL, I think that it was a giant accomplishment for myself. Granted, I felt like stopping after mile 2.5, spewing my guts out, and cursing the day I was born with one workable lung (lung comment not true) but I kept going. I kept going because I had the aid of a friend, urging me to go on. The first time I broke my record was running with Corbin. We ran 3 miles and I had never done that before. This was 2 years ago. I thought Dan and I were going to run 3 miles, but he clocked it later and turns out…I have more in me than I thought!

I learned some very important lessons on the day that I felt like dying. One, Doing something difficult is ALWAYS better when you have someone to share the burden and keep you going when you feel like you’ve reached your limit. Two, Going past your limit takes a GREAT deal of mental strength. I’m talking Jedi-mind-tricks-strong. At mile 2.5 or 3, I had reached my limit. I could go no further. I even told Dan in grunts and cries of pain. But he said, “You’ve almost done it, don’t give up now.” And this was enough for me to go into battle mode. I buckled down and started to engage in something I had not done in a LONG time. I used self control. But this was no ordinary self control, this was Warfare. Quite literally every second was an alternating thought that I had to say to myself. 1. “Keep Going” and 2. “Think about how far you’ve come, not how far you have left.” Every second, and I’m not exaggerating, was alternating between these two thoughts, for 1.5 miles.

It was exhausting to say the least. I told Dan afterwards that it was the most intense mental warfare that I had ever experienced. I was DETERMINED to finish. I was NOT going to stop until I had accomplished my goal..and I didn’t. I kept going. I am proud of myself for doing things I never thought that I could: Getting a Bachelors, getting a Masters, raising the money needed for NZ, moving out of the house, conquering a mental block for running, and a few more. It is a feeling of accomplishment..true, earned accomplishment…that gives you a high unlike any other. Truly.

I am grateful for this experience and grateful for the caliber of friends that I have here in Grand Rapids. I pray that you too fight mental blocks in your life…blocks that may be preventing growth, preventing you from living.

That is a general update of me up to this point. I will be seeing a band in concert tomorrow, so that will be fun. I also went to “Dubstep Night” at a blues bar and that was…an interesting cultural experience to say the least, ha. Work and free time before work pretty much fill the gaps in between. I hope that you are all doing well and I thank you for your continued loving friendship. Peace for now.



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