Film #20: Chronicle

Well, we’re half way there through my film challenge. I admit, it is getting less and less methodical as I go. Anyway, tonight I watched Chronicle with the boys in the house. I found that the movie was sporadic, shaky, and the writing was so-so. I still enjoyed watching a unique perspective from a style that is fairly new, which is filming from a steady cam.

Chronicle is about following three young men in high school as they sojourn through their brand new abilities to move objects with their minds. After coming into contact with a strange glowing blue crystal…yeah, I’m not kidding…they find that they all of a sudden have strange new abilities.

I liked the movies perpective as they followed the boys in the discovery, questioning, testing, and limits of their new powers. It illustrated the danger in the powers as well as how to control such absolute power.

The effects in this movie were pretty good and even included a flying scene where the boys discover that they can not only move objects in the air, but themselves as well. The scene is beautiful and very raw in the “we-just-discovered-something-absolutely-brand-new” kind of way. Not the best movie in the list, but it was fun.


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