Film #16: 12 Monkeys

Sorry for the late post, but I was traveling today and I had to work straight after I got home. So, I watched this movie with my Dad and I have to say, it was NOT what I was expecting. I’m not too sure what I was actually expecting, but it was not what I saw. I think I was expecting your run-of-the-mill action movie with explosions and some good-guy-bad-guy banter, but instead what I witnessed was a very bizarre thriller of sorts.

The movie revolves around Bruce Willis’s character, who is a convict in the year 2035. He is chosen to go on a mission to re-write history. They have the ability to send him back in time, and he is to prevent a biological epidemic from occurring that whipped out 5 billion of the earth’s inhabitants. Kinda big stuff.

Like I said before, the camera angles, the dialogue, and the framing of the film just gave it a goofy feel that I was absolutely not expecting. I was told this movie was very good. I thought that it was absolutely good, but not great. I think I would have to see this movie one more time in order to get the full picture and maybe appreciate it more.

There isn’t really anymore that I can say about the film, as it didn’t impress me the way that I thought it might.


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