Film #15: The Green Lantern

So, tonight was an indulgence of sorts. I have wanted to watch The Green Lantern now for quite some time. I think that I have a weak spot for Marvel movies, or anything that has to do with superheros. I think that these movies are fun and always filled to the brim with action, adventure, and some amount of moral ending…or something like it: Spiderman (with great power comes great responsibility) Thor (Respect elders, and Humility) Captain America (Finding ones place in the world, self sacrifice) Batman (Defeating Evil, defending the defenseless)

Even though I know that this is merely my perception of the messages coming out of each of these films, I know that they are not the only ones, or that they are necessarily the right ones. Still, I love watching these movies and getting sucked into the impossible fiction of a Superhero. There is a reason why these movies have exploded into insane fandom. Well, of course it is partially because of the hundreds of thousands of fans that already existed, but I also think that it is because the film speaks to something inside of us outside of the CG and explosions…but maybe that is just me.

The Green Lantern is about Hal Jordan, an air force pilot that is forced into a life of galactic heros after a dying warrior seeks out a successor to rise up in his place. The successor must wear the Green ring which gives unspeakable powers to the wearer. Anything that you can imagine will be manifested by the ring.

Hal has trouble filling the shoes of the greatest warrior of the Green Lanterns. He is tested and even dismissed by the leader of the Lanterns, who calls Hal “not worthy” of the place Hal was filling. Hal is discouraged but finds a way to find worth among the ranks in the Green Lanterns as well as conquer old demons from his past that prevent him from succeeding. And of course…Chaos ensues, explosions happen.

The Green Lantern was pretty good. I will always love Ryan Reynolds in just about anything. The guy is a hilarious boss of an actor, as I have said in previous reviews. The movie passed in my book, but as always, I wont necessarily hate a movie because it was seen as horrible in everyone else’s eyes. Check it out if you like the superhero genre.


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